Articles about Abortion

Abortion is, simply, the unnecessary killing of an unborn human being. These articles were not written to shame anyone who has had an abortion, but to shed light on the facts about the unborn, on the consequences of abortion, and on the arguments made in favor of killing babies for convenience.

Abortion is always a hot topic. Some see the debate as between religious people and non-religious people, but that's hardly accurate. There are a lot of atheists who oppose abortion, for example. The question at hand is whether abortion is a moral good, a moral evil, or a neutral act.

Most of you probably don't know who Nick Cannon is. That's okay...he hasn't made a huge splash yet. He put out one rap album, hosted some Nickelodeon shows, did some cartoon voice-overs, did some stand-up comedy. He's currently the host of America's Got Talent...but his big claim to fame is that he's Mr. Mariah Carey.

The most radical among us (including those who know the real reason for the creation of Planned Parenthood) believe abortion is a good thing. Some consider pregnancy a form of male tyranny, and abortion is their cure. Some have much more 'noble' reasons for thinking abortion is good. One of these people is an Episcopal minister.

When it comes to abortion, the issue is often divided into two groups: arguments about how to avoid abortion, and arguments about what to do about unwanted pregnancy. That sometimes causes people to argue badly, because they're not really communicating about the same thing.

Christians probably shouldn't be one-issue voters...but let's not pretend that capital punishment or political wars are somehow the same as abortion. Forget about matters of guilt or innocence and just look objectively at the numbers:

Conservatives are sometimes "one-issue" people. I do think it's important to avoid closing one eye to reality, but all issues are NOT the same. Yes, we should be concerned about social justice and the slave trade and world health issues...but that doesn't mean we should whitewash the 'old' issues.

Gianna Jessen was just a baby when her mother decided to kill her. Because she weighed only two pounds, she was unable to defend herself from her much-larger mother. Her muscles hadn't developed to the point where she could run away from her attacker. She almost died.

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has a son with Down's Syndrome. Why is it a big deal? Simple: most women in the developed world undergo testing to see if their baby will have Down's Syndrome, and an estimated 90% of all babies so diagnosed are aborted.

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