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Planned Parenthood Executive Director Learns the Truth about Abortion

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How would you explain abortion to an 8 year-old child?

That question poses some difficulty for a lot of people. Obviously, most 8 year-olds don’t need to know about abortion…but if your child asked you “What’s abortion?”, how would you answer honestly?

According to Abby Johnson, a former Executive Director for Planned Parenthood, most abortion-industry workers wouldn’t be able to answer that question with any kind of accuracy. Despite spending nine years with Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, she didn’t really know the truth about abortion.

Now that she knows the truth, she can’t work for Planned Parenthood. She can’t communicate directly with her former employees, as Planned Parenthood has taken out a restraining order against her. Why would they do that? Obviously, to prevent her from spreading the truth:

Abortion is when a mommy pays a doctor to kill her baby.

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