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I love music. I especially love Christian music. If you like what you see here, check out one of my other websites: Awesome Christian Music.

I regularly hear from parents whose children are far from God, or have recently passed away. When asked, I try to remind them that our children ultimately belong to God, and that we are their temporary caretakers. I pray this will provide some comfort for those who, in this life, have suffered loss.
Christian singer and songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman has the most awards in Christian music history... but his life has been a journey of ups and downs. He shares a bit of his story with the folks at I Am Second.
This is one of the underlying themes throughout all of Scripture: despite our own unfaithfulness, God remains faithful. An appropriate response to God's unending grace and generosity is wonder. Peterson contrasts Jesus' words (why hast thou forsaken me?) with our own: why hast thou accepted me?
Oh, I’ve never been left alone in any problem that I’ve known, even though I’m to blame. There were times when things were dark and I’ve been known to miss the mark, but someone fixed my aim. From the album Bloom.
Christianity is a belief system based on information: that Jesus is God in the flesh, come to reconcile us to Himself. However, following Jesus is about more than information. "We can only possess what we experience. The facts of theology can be altogether cold... though true in every way, they alone can't change me."
This CCM classic expresses a timeless perspective: that followers of Jesus must give up ownership of our own lives. He died for us, and we should be willing to die for Him. In fact, we are called to die to self and carry our own cross.
Christianity is under attack in many places around the world. Some American Christians are, for the first time, concerned about losing the freedom to worship openly. Big Tent Revival boldly proclaims their intention to be faithful to God under difficult circumstances.
The Bible makes it clear from Genesis to Revelation that the primary tool of the devil is deception. As Dixon says: the devil is a liar, says he can give you everything that you desire, everything you want but you'd be playing with the fire... so don't believe the lie. It comes at a price.

If you're like me, and have loved ones who struggle with failure and addiction and doubt, this song is for you. God isn't looking for opportunities to punish us for our weakness. Instead, He stays and works on our behalf, longing to see us fulfill the potential He created us for.

I get a fair amount of email from GodWords readers (thank you!), and questions about avoiding temptation come up frequently. This song has helped me keep a wise perspective on such things, and I've been singing it to my son at night for over a decade. All temptations offer a trade: momentary pleasure for long-term suffering.

Downhere is one of my very favorite bands. They combine great lyrics and quality music and really, really great vocals. They're one of Canada's best-kept secrets, and I've been trying to get the secret out for some time now.

I love Downhere. They're good musicians singing meaningful songs. I have a few of their albums, and look forward to getting a few more. In the meantime, I'm enjoying this new video:

This Scott Krippayne song was inspired by the C.S. Lewis tale Voyage of the Dawn Treader (my favorite book in the Narnia series), and was co-authored with Jeff Peabody.

Do you ever feel like you're on your own, with nobody to rely on? Do your friends and family sometimes blow you off and make you feel like you're not worth their time? Do you ever feel abandoned? We've all been there at some point.

Johnny Diaz wants young women to see that they're beautiful, valuable, and important without looking like a falsified version of a real woman. From his 2009 album of the same name, here's Johnny Diaz singing More Beautiful You.

Recently, a friend went through a traumatic situation. She's still having trouble dealing with the emotional fallout from that life-changing day. She commented that those who care for others often have nobody to confide in, and it occurred to me that this song might be particularly meaningful for her.

Most of you probably don't know who Nick Cannon is. That's okay...he hasn't made a huge splash yet. He put out one rap album, hosted some Nickelodeon shows, did some cartoon voice-overs, did some stand-up comedy. He's currently the host of America's Got Talent...but his big claim to fame is that he's Mr. Mariah Carey.

I like Shane and Shane. Not only are they talented singers, they're principled artists. A lot of their songs are simply Scripture set to music. A lot of people (myself included) hear that and think "Um...yeah. No thanks"...but it really works.

I'll admit to being a bit of a Scrooge. Like a lot of dudes, I'm not real excited about the holidays. There are a few exceptions: I love buying gifts for people I care about, I love the downtime that everybody expects with the holidays, and I love the song O Holy Night.

If you're like me, you sometimes wish that the music behind those great worship lyrics was a little more...well, inspiring. Look no further! Plagues of Xodus presents Death Metal Worship!

Many of you know that Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter Maria died tragically a few months ago. Recently, Steven Curtis and his wife Mary Beth appeared on Good Morning, America. Here's the 8-minute interview, where the family talks about grief and about supporting each other.

Andrew Peterson is one of my very favoritist artists. Using only words - the same kinds of words I use - Andrew can create a picture that tells a story like very few songwriters can. Today's video turns the tables.

This just came in from Steven Curtis Chapman's manager: "It has been a little over a week since the accident that put Maria Chapman in Jesus' arms. These have been dark and trying days of deep sadness. The Chapman family is struggling with grief and wrestling to come to terms with the new normal, a world without Maria. It will be a long road.

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