Awesome Christian Music (or “why I’ve been away”)

It’s been some time since my most recent post. I’ve been extraordinarily busy at work (thanks, God) and at home. My time has been limited, so my posting has been non-existent. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working hard to share the Gospel, though. I’ve created a new website: Awesome Christian Music. It’s a place where I can post videos of awesome Christian music for the world to see. None of the videos are my own…they’re just YouTube videos that others have posted. My goal is to promote Christian music and Christian artists.

Why? Because Christian music has helped me immeasurably. It’s taught me good theology (and helped me identify bad theology), helped me understand different points of view within orthodox Christianity, and helped me express my innermost thoughts and feelings when my own words simply wouldn’t do.

Each post has one video, and the lyrics for that song. I’ve also included links to the artist’s website and social media accounts where possible. Take a look, and let me know what you think.

Steve Green – Guard Your Heart

I get a fair amount of email from GodWords readers (thank you!), and questions about avoiding temptation come up frequently. This song has helped me keep a wise perspective on such things, and I’ve been singing it to my son at night for over a decade. All temptations offer a trade: momentary pleasure for long-term suffering. The Bible acknowledges that sin is pleasant, but points out that it’s only pleasant for a short time. While the consequences of sin outweigh the benefits, we still seek the temporary pleasure.

Psalm 119:11 points to a very wise strategy. David wrote “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” When we truly understand how much God loves us, and when we truly want to live as we should, we will naturally begin to turn away from sin and temptation and turn to God instead. When you are tempted, let the Holy Spirit guide you. Pray for the strength to avoid sin.

Downhere – Let Me Rediscover You

Downhere is one of my very favorite bands. They combine great lyrics and quality music and really, really great vocals. They’re one of Canada’s best-kept secrets, and I’ve been trying to get the secret out for some time now.

Most of their songs are well worth a second listen, or a third, or a twentieth. Their newest, Let Me Rediscover You, is no different. Simply brilliant. Enjoy. Turn it up. Play it again.

Downhere: You’re Not Alone

I love Downhere. They’re good musicians singing meaningful songs. I have a few of their albums, and look forward to getting a few more. In the meantime, I’m enjoying this new video: You’re Not Alone, from their new project Two At a Time.

Voyage by Scott Krippayne

Scott Krippayne is a great songwriter.

Please re-read the sentence above. Take it all in. It’s true. When I discovered Scott’s music, I felt like I’d found a friend. He has a way with words, with music, and with singing. I love what he does…including this song.

Inspired by the C.S. Lewis tale Voyage of the Dawn Treader (my favorite book of the Narnia series), it was co-authored with Jeff Peabody. To give you some idea of how good these two are together, they won the American Idol songwriting contest in 2007. Their winning entry, This is My Now, was the coronation song for the AI season six winner (Jordon Sparks).

Here are both videos.

Meredith Andrews: You’re Not Alone

Do you ever feel alone?

Do you ever feel like you’re on your own, with nobody to rely on? Do your friends and family sometimes blow you off and make you feel like you’re not worth their time? Do you ever feel abandoned?

We’ve all been there at some point. I’ve played this song over about a dozen times this morning…and not because it’s new and I’m just getting to know it. I love this song because it touches the place in my heart that needs reassurance. It reminds me of what I already know: God is always with me, and He’s on my side.

God is on your side, and wants you to trust Him. He’ll never abandon you.

You’re Not Alone

I searched for love
When the night came and it closed in
I was alone
but you found me where I was hiding
and now I’ll never ever be the same
It was the sweetest voice that called my name

You’re not alone
for I am here
let me wipe away your every fear
My love, I’ve never left your side
I have seen you through the darkest night
and I’m the one who’s loved you all your life
All of your life

You cry yourself to sleep
cause the hurt is real
and the pain cuts deep
All hope seems lost
With heartache your closest friend
and everyone else long gone

You’ve had to face the music on your own
but there is a sweeter song that calls you home

You’re not alone
for I am here
let me wipe away your every tear
My love, I’ve never left your side
I have seen you through the darkest night
And I’m the one who’s loved you all your life
All your life

Faithful and true… Forever
For my love will carry you…

You’re not alone
for I… I am here
let me wipe away your every fear… Oh yeah
My love, I’ve never left your side
I have seen you through your darkest night
Your darkest night
And I’m the one who’s loved you all your life
All of your life

Video: Johnny Diaz – More Beautiful You

Do you remember the Dove ads from 2008, showing how far from reality a typical cover model’s picture is? Makeup, photo tricks, digital enhancement and retouching give us the impression that these ‘beautiful people’ are something they’re not.

Johnny Diaz wants young women to see that they’re beautiful, valuable, and important without looking like a falsified version of a real woman.

From his 2009 album of the same name, here’s Johnny Diaz singing More Beautiful You.