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Here in America, religion and politics often go hand in hand. Sometimes that’s good, but sometimes it’s not. These posts are hand-crafted to help people see that following Jesus will always make you a good citizen, but being a good citizen and following Jesus aren’t always the same.

On September 11 2001, America was attacked. I will not forget. Even after eight years, I find that I'm unable to put my feelings into words. I've never watched the movies or documentaries that tell stories from that day. I avoid reading articles about that day.

I've never considered Newsweek Magazine to be an authority on theology, primarily because they're not. Dedicating a section of your magazine to religion doesn't mean you know what you're talking about... especially when you're well-known for being absurdly biased.

When it comes to abortion, the issue is often divided into two groups: arguments about how to avoid abortion, and arguments about what to do about unwanted pregnancy. That sometimes causes people to argue badly, because they're not really communicating about the same thing.

Like many churches in America, my own church spent a little time yesterday focusing on Veteran's Day. One of my friends had a pretty serious negative reaction, suggesting that such things exemplified nationalism at its worst. She suggested that America had done evil and didn't deserve anyone's allegiance.

Christians probably shouldn't be one-issue voters...but let's not pretend that capital punishment or political wars are somehow the same as abortion. Forget about matters of guilt or innocence and just look objectively at the numbers:

In this video, Barney Frank says that there are a lot of rich people we can tax to pay for government stuff. I wonder how many people realize that "rich" is a relative term. Virtually every American is rich when compared with most of the world's population. Are you rich?

Conservatives are sometimes "one-issue" people. I do think it's important to avoid closing one eye to reality, but all issues are NOT the same. Yes, we should be concerned about social justice and the slave trade and world health issues...but that doesn't mean we should whitewash the 'old' issues.

A recent study says that 1 in 4 teenage girls have a sexually-transmitted disease. Yes, you read that right. About half of the girls aged 14-19 surveyed admitted to having had sex. In that group, 40% had an STD. In a survey that tested for only four diseases, that's an alarming statistic.

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