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About GodWords

GodWords is about theology. It’s from the Greek: theos = God, logos = words. Theology is words about God, the study of God, reasoning about God.

GodWords is a personal blog, run since around 2000 by one person. Why? Because people ask me questions. A lot of those questions have to do with God, the Bible, and Christianity. I work hard to answer questions responsibly, making sure I stick closely to what the Bible says, and avoiding what the Bible does not say.

Because a lot of people have asked the same questions again and again, it seemed wise to post my research online where anyone can find it. That’s it. That’s why GodWords exists. My goal is simply to help people understand what the Bible teaches about God, reality, life, and everything. I don’t claim to have all of the answers, of course… but I’ve heard a lot of the questions.


A Little History

My online journey began in 1986 when my uncle showed me the bulletin boards on GEnie’s ‘internet service’. His green monochrome monitor held an endless supply of conversations, from the meaningful to the mundane. I could both learn and teach anywhere in the world, with people I’d never met. Unbelievable! Fast forward to 1997, when I finally got online on my own. I only knew one website: Yahoo…and only because a TV newscast had it up on a monitor in the background. I got free email and those unlimited meaningful conversations I’d seen a decade earlier. Because I ended up being a pastor and a theology geek, the internet provided a great opportunity to meet people and to think carefully about my faith.

My Yahoo screen name was GeneralHavok. I didn’t realize that I was an early adopter until people started emailing me to ask how they too could have capital letters in their screen names. Anyway, the Yahoo Religion boards were interesting. I quickly gained a reputation as a ‘tough guy’ there, and spent countless hours doing research to make sure that I knew what I was talking about.

Research produces content…and my only outlet at that time was Yahoo. Rather than let the world miss out on all that apologetics goodness, I decided to put it on my own website. After a couple of years on free web space, I finally reserved in 2001. It’s been an amazing ride. People from virtually every country in the world have visited my website, which is both gratifying and humbling. My collection of Ancient Documents is downloaded at least 50,000 times per year, which is surprising. Strangers email me to ask questions, and I try to keep up with answering them. I wish I had more time!

In addition to my many years with the circus, I attended Northwest Nazarene College (now NNU) in Nampa, Idaho where I studied Broadcasting, Religion, and Philosophy.

Yes, you can ask me a question. I promise to read it, and even to try to answer it. Cash payoffs just might move your question to the top of the list.

I’m currently a freelance web designer, being the owner of Straight Street Design. Oddly, what was once a hobby is now my profession, and I’ve fallen into being something of a website expert. I also actively teach theology in my local church and am a devoted husband and father.

If you’re so inclined, you can read my story…how and why I became and remain a Christian.

Because so many have asked, I’ll explain why my own identity isn’t prominently featured on my own website. I have nothing to hide, but GodWords isn’t about me. I’m not promoting myself, I’m promoting the Bible as God’s Word, and as the ultimate authority for all Christians everywhere. My name is Tony Scialdone. If you want to connect with me personally, you can email me anytime. You can also find me on Facebook or Twitter by clicking those links at the top of every page. If you’re wondering about my credentials, feel free to read Do I Have Credibility and let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

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