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GodWords is a personal website, so it reflects my own thoughts and beliefs. You can learn about what I believe by reading my words, but it’s sometimes helpful to outline such things in a list. My beliefs about any particular topic are subject to revision at any time, so some of the things on this list reflect my current understanding and aren’t meant to be set in stone. Some are simply the historic affirmations of biblical theology, but others are more interpretive in nature. If you have questions, let me know.

What is your religion?

I’m a Christian. I try to concern myself more with following Jesus than with adhering to any organization’s theology… so I study the New Testament and try to do what it says. At the same time, it’s almost impossible to remove the historic influence of those who have gone before us. I grew up in the Wesleyan tradition, and currently attend a church that leans a bit Reformed.

What Bible do you use?

I use whatever Bible is handy. Most of the time I use the NIV or ESV (for reading and teaching). When studying, I use the NASB with Greek and Hebrew translations for clarity. Almost every modern Bible is just fine for reading.

Where do you stand on the controversial subjects of today?

Statement of Belief

GodWords gets a lot of visitors. Many come to argue about theology, which is generally a good thing. Sometimes theological conversations are easier when we can begin with common ground, so I list these items because they cover most of the questions I get.

I’ll add more as they come to mind. Let me know if you want specifics.

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