About the Website

A number of people have asked, so here are some technical details about GodWords.

  • Designed by me – I’ve been making websites since 1999, and have been a freelance web designer since 2004. I work at home, and create websites for small businesses and non-profits. I also do a fair bit of work as a sub-contractor on state construction and transportation projects here in Colorado. It took over a year to design and code this version of GodWords. I hope you like it.
  • Background – The background image is a Julia fractal…a design created using a mathematical equation. I would love to give credit to the creator, but I’ve lost track of where I got the image. It was created automatically by software created for making fractal images, and he offered it free for the public to use.
  • Fonts – The headline font is Trueno. The body font is Titillium. Both are free for public use.
  • WordPress – GodWords is powered by WordPress. I’ve spent years learning how WP works and, while I can’t say I’m a WP developer, I can say that I customized almost every part of this website, coding the templates and processes myself. I still need to work on the comments, since that’s a complex set actions that takes a lot of work to successfully customize.
  • Easter eggs – Some websites hide small things to make curious visitors just a little happier. I have two different but similar Easter eggs hidden on GodWords. When you see them, you’ll probably know it.
  • Domain and Hosting – I’ve owned GodWords.org since 2001. Before that, the website was on a free hosting service. I’ve hosted with Leaver.com for around 15 years, and can’t recommend them highly enough.
  • Images – Most of the images are found using Google’s image search…but I only use images that are marked specifically to be free for re-use and modification. Don’t steal other people’s stuff.
  • Social Media – This is my personal website. It’s run by one person, and I’m just me. I’m not a media personality or public figure…so my Facebook and Twitter accounts are run by me. If you want to follow me, you won’t just see GodWords stuff. You’ll see everything I post.
  • Traffic – GodWords has welcomed millions of visitors since 1999. The most popular posts are Name Changes in the Bible, What Does Jesus Mean?, and Can You go to Heaven if You’re Not Baptized?. Most interesting to me is that the files in my collection of Ancient Documents have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.
  • Hate Mail – I get almost no hate mail. The negative emails (and comments) that I receive are all pretty mundane. They generally accuse me of being wrong, or ignorant, or a heretic, or a dupe of Satan, or Satan himself. No big deal. If you’re going to make public statements about God and religion, you’re going to get responses from people who disagree.

If you have any questions of a technical nature, just ask. I try to answer every email personally.