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Genesis tells of people who lived very long lives. Methuselah was the oldest, living 969 years. This chart, and the following table, show each person in the family line from Adam to Abraham. The numbers are taken from Genesis 5 and Genesis 11. While some biblical genealogies are incomplete, listing only prominent people instead of every generation, this list reflects direct father/son relationships.

It’s worth mentioning that Adam was still alive when Methusaleh was born, that Methuselah was alive when Noah was born, and that Noah was alive when Abram (Abraham) was born. This means that Abraham might have sat on Noah’s lap and heard a retelling of first-hand accounts of the lives of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. That would be amazing!

You can grab and drag this section left and right.

  • Adam930 years
  • Seth912 years
  • Enosh905 years
  • Kenan910 years
  • Mahalel830 years
  • Jared962 years
  • Enoch365 years
  • Methusaleh969 years
  • Lamech777 years
  • Noah950 years
  • Shem600 years
  • Arphaxad438 years
  • Shelah433 years
  • Eber464 years
  • Peleg239 years
  • Reu239 years
  • Serug230 years
  • Nahor148 years
  • Terah205 years
  • Abram (Abraham)335 years

Here’s a simple list of the information above:


Age at Son’s Birth

Lived For


130 years old

930 years


105 years old

912 years


90 years old

905 years


70 years old

910 years


65 years old

830 years


162 years old

962 years


65 years old

365 years


187 years old

** 969 years


182 years old

777 years


* 502 years old

950 years


100 years old

600 years


35 years old

438 years


30 years old

433 years


34 years old

464 years


30 years old

239 years


32 years old

239 years


30 years old

230 years


29 years old

148 years


70 years old

205 years

Abram (Abraham)

335 years

* Noah’s age at Shem’s birth isn’t listed directly, but is calculated this way:

** The Death of Methusaleh

If you do the math, it appears that Methusaleh died in the year of the flood. That leaves us with a couple of options: we can believe that he died before the flood, or that he died in the flood. The Bible doesn’t tell us about his death, so we have no strong evidence either way.

One Jewish source says he died just before the flood. That’s plausible.

Another says he died 14 years after the flood, but I’m not sure how they did that math… or why they would make the claim, when Scripture indicates he wasn’t in the ark.

Another tradition says specifically that he died 7 days before the flood, and that God delayed the flood for a period of mourning due to Methusaleh’s righteousness. More specifically, another tradition says that he died on the 11th day of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan (October-November), just before the flood. These two traditions may be related.

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