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The False Teaching of Myles Munroe

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I’m often asked to assess what others teach. I do not do this lightly, but it is necessary. Before reading this page, or any of the pages about specific people, I recommend that you read What is a False Teacher?, which explains what the Bible says about false teachers, and why I would bother to research who they are and what they say. You may also want to check out a list of Bible Teachers I Can Recommend.

Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe was an evangelist, author, and speaker. Born in the Bahamas, Munroe developed a worldwide ministry that grew for over 30 years. In 1998 he was named to The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for services to religion. He and his wife Ruth died in a plane crash in 2014 while on their way to a conference in the Bahamas.

Unfortunately, Myles Munroe was a false teacher. I don’t say that gladly. He was by all accounts a happy man, an engaging speaker, and a skilled leader of leaders. He could have done much more for the Kingdom of God had he clearly taught what we find in the Scriptures. Instead, Myles Munroe taught heretical Word of Faith doctrines.

There’s no doubt that much of what Munroe taught was true. Unfortunately, as a Word of Faith teacher, Munroe also taught a number of unbiblical things for many years. Among them were false ideas about God and humanity.

Who has dominion?

A commonly-held belief among Word of Faith teachers has to do with “dominion.” That is, with who has power and authority in the universe. Both Judaism and Christianity teach that God is all-powerful, having created all that exists.

In contrast, Word of Faith teachers like Munroe teach the opposite. They claim that God is subject to laws that limit His ability to act. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the concept:

  1. God created Adam and gave Adam dominion over the earth.
  2. When he sinned, Adam lost dominion to Satan… locking God out of the earth.
  3. When Jesus died and rose again, mankind recovered that dominion.
  4. God cannot do anything on earth without permission from those who have dominion… that is, us.

God could do nothing on Earth, nothing has God ever done on Earth, without a human giving him access. So he’s always looking for a human to give him power permission. In other words, God has the power, but you have the permission. God has the authority and the power, you’ve got the license. So even though God could do anything, he can only do what you permit him to do.

This concept of God being unable to act without our permission obviously diminishes God and exalts humanity. God, according to Munroe, is powerless to act on His own. This limitation supposedly comes from God Himself. After making this law, He could not change it. According to Munroe and folks like Benny Hinn, God must act in accordance with it. Munroe taught that God was “illegal” on the earth, even to the point of naming the animals. Adam had to name the animals, he said, because God did not have dominion:

He could not name those animals because He is illegal.

Munroe taught that God wanted to do things, but could not. The Bible makes it clear that God is not subject to anyone or anything. For example, here’s what Ephesians 1:20-21 says about that:

“… He raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms, far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come.

If God’s ability to act is limited in the way Munroe taught, then there IS rule – an authority, or a power – that is above Him. This is unquestionably unbiblical.

The only creature that God gave authority in the earth legally to is a spirit in a dirt body. That means any spirit without a body is illegal on planet earth… even God himself is illegal on earth. Why? Because he is a spirit, and the law he set up by his own mouth was that only spirits with bodies can function on earth legally. That’s why God could not interfere when Adam and Eve was, you know, kind of deliberating on the fruit environment there in the book of Genesis.

This law of dominion extends even to the conviction of sin (one of the things the Holy Spirit does) and the salvation of the lost:

Why can’t God just save everybody? He needs a human agency. That’s why you and I gotta preach. We gotta preach to give God license to literally go and convict that person, to bring them to him.

God is even unable to ensure that His plans for humanity come to pass. Speaking to Benny Hinn (another false teacher), Munroe said this:

It bothers me, I’m sure it bothered you for years as a pastor, if God is so mighty, powerful, awesome, omnipotent, omniscient, why couldn’t this mighty God who made 500 million planets and galaxies could not stop a skinny little women from picking the fruit to destroy his whole program? I mean, come on God, aren’t you powerful? You can intervene, you can destroy the works of the devil, prevent the woman and save humanity. But he couldn’t. Not that he didn’t, he couldn’t.

Obviously, Munroe did not consider God that mighty, powerful, awesome, omnipotent, or omniscient. His diminished view of God does not match what we see in Scripture.

Prayer is permission?

Munroe was very clear about the nature of prayer. Rather than a way of communing with our Creator, and a way of asking Him for help, this false teaching claims that prayer is giving God permission to act:

Prayer is man giving God permission, or license, to interfere in Earth’s affairs. In other words, prayer is Earthly license for Heavenly interference.

Our prayer is a strange experience. We normally ask God to do things; God is telling us to command Him permission to do for us.

Heaven depends on earth for interference. If He could just find two people like you and I to agree. We agree for God to do this thing. Then God says, ‘Thank you very much for permission!’ Then He can come.

God is even unable to heal without our permission:

Lord, heal this man. God says, ‘No! No! No! Talk to the sickness, I am already healing the guy. What I need is permission to get the healing on earth.

When a human gets healed and becomes well again, God Himself is able to stay here legally longer.

Prayer is man giving God Earthly license for Heavenly interference. Paul says pray always, and never stop, because when you stop praying, Heaven is locked up. You should pray 24 hours a day… you gotta pray because he wants access constantly. I always wondered why God made the Earth to spin around the sun, and also the Earth to spin. Here’s why, and I believe it’s the wisdom design of God. God designed the planet of Earth in such a way that there will always be humans up, praying. Every 24 hours, a half of the globe is up. That means God will always have 24 hours, constantly, of access. That’s why he says I have sought for a man, I’m looking for somebody, if my people. He says there’s gotta be someone all the time telling me, “interfere, interfere, interfere.”

Jesus didn’t really die?

One of the more shocking things that Munroe taught almost seems minor. He appeared to be clearing up some confusion about what the Bible says, but he was really contradicting a primary New Testament teaching:

The Bible never says that Jesus really died, you know. The word used in the Hebrew is he breathed out. Expired is the word. 12

First, the Old Testament, written in Hebrew, doesn’t mention Jesus dying or not dying. Only the New Testament mentions Jesus’ crucifixion, and it wasn’t written in Hebrew. It was written in Greek.

Second, the Greek word in question DOES mean “breathed out” or “expired.” Does that mean Munroe was right? No. That’s ridiculous. The rest of the New Testament affirms again and again and again that Jesus actually did die:

Fellow Israelites, listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you through him, as you yourselves know. This man was handed over to you by God’s deliberate plan and foreknowledge; and you, with the help of wicked men, put him to death by nailing him to the cross. But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him. Acts 2:22-24

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Romans 5:6

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing! Galatians 2:21

The idea that Jesus didn’t actually die is simply ridiculous. That is, it’s worthy of ridicule. Even atheist scholars acknowledge the historical reality that Jesus died by crucifixion, and every Christian theologian in history says the same. For Munroe to say otherwise is simply unconscionable.

If Jesus didn’t die, then He didn’t die for our sins. If Jesus didn’t die for our sins, we are still lost. If Jesus didn’t die, He couldn’t have been resurrected… and our faith is in vain. In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul wrote this about Jesus’ resurrection:

And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.

That seems pretty plain. The entire New Testament is based on the idea that Jesus died for our sins, and was raised from the dead. Without that, Paul said, our faith is in vain… or worthless. Myles Munroe claims that Jesus didn’t really die. One might suggest that his faith, as a result, was in vain.

Myles Munroe was a false teacher. I hope that in his last moments he made peace with God. I pray that those who followed his ministry would be as eager and zealous as he was, but for the truth. We find the true gospel, taught by Jesus and handed down once for all by the apostles, in the New Testament.


12: “The Bible never said that Jesus really died” – YouTube video

See the complete but incomplete False Teachers List


Don’t bother commenting or emailing me about how I’m just wrong. It’s a waste of your time and mine. If you have something to say, include Scripture. I am far from perfect, and I can be wrong… so I don’t do any of this lightly, and I’m open to correction.

Don’t bother telling me how this person or that person helped you. It’s a waste of your time and mine. Nobody teaches lies and falsehoods all the time. In researching these topics, I’ve heard a LOT that I appreciated, and have been inspired by even those who are otherwise far from the truth. The number of times someone is right is irrelevant to the question of whether they also teach false things. We should appreciate anyone who teaches us the truth, but that doesn’t mean we should uncritically follow them when we see significant problems in their lives, in their ministries, and in their teaching. Neither your opinion nor mine matter here. What matters is what the Bible teaches, and whether those who preach and teach in Jesus’ name are teaching falsely.

If you can provide evidence that one of these people has recanted their false teaching, please let me know. I would love to amend their article to show that they have changed what they teach.

Finally: we who follow Jesus should not consider false teachers our enemies. If they’re not saved, we should pray for their salvation. If they are saved, we should pray that God will lead them to teach only the truth.

See also: a list of Bible Teachers I Can Recommend

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72 responses to “The False Teaching of Myles Munroe”

  1. Ted Amper says:

    Thanks for this bro!

  2. michael says:

    u are a fool bro. like the devil you have to hide behind whatever it is to tell a lie like your father, you are just immature kid in a grown up suit spreading lies, u r just hurt and living a disappointing life, lord plx help in jesus name amen

    • Tony says:


      Ansara means “helper.” Why aren’t you helping? You seem to have not noticed that I used Myles Munroe’s own words here. Clearly, I’m not making things up. If you dislike having someone simply point out what he taught, that’s your problem. If you really think I’m spreading lies, bring receipts. Insulting people doesn’t help anyone. If you’ve been fooled by Munroe’s teaching, I will help you by pointing you to the parts of God’s Word that teach what he would not.

  3. Julie says:

    I always thought that everything Myles taught was backed by God’s word. His teachings are the only teachings that explains why God is hardly helping anyone on earth; why there is so much wrong about our habitat. I trust Myles’ teachings. Also, you didn’t offer anything contradicting Myles’ teachings. He teaches what the bible teaches.

    • Tony says:


      Thanks for writing! I understand that you trust what Myles taught. I have a simple, serious question for you: what will you do when you see that what Myles taught actually DOES contradict what the Bible says? Will you change your mind? Will you begin a serious study of the Scriptures, to make sure that what you believe is true? Will you turn a blind eye to the evidence, and prefer to continue believing in spite of the evidence? You’re right that my article doesn’t present a point-by-point refutation of his teaching, using Scripture… that’s a reasonable thing to ask for. For most, it’s enough to simply expose what he DID say, as it should be obvious that he taught falsely. For others, like yourself, more evidence is needed.

      What would you do with the evidence? Are you willing to stick around and engage in some kind of longer-term discussion about what he taught? I’d be happy to walk through that process with you. Let me know. =)

  4. Izaiel says:

    Hi Mr. Tony! A woman came today on my job. I was wearing a mask that said Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. She said “how do you know about Yeshua?” and I told her “I’m Hebrew! I’m descendant from the Tribe of Gad.” She was amazed. I told her I don’t listen to anyone anymore, because I’ve been misled too many times by preachers, teachers, apostles and prophets!

    I only listen to Yeshua my Wonderful Bridegroom and I haven’t been misled since! She mentioned she listens to TD James and this guy named Myles Munroe. I told her “TD Jakes lives in a mansion. I have a huge problem with that!” So, she said “well just listen to Myles you’ll like him.” I looked him up just now on YouTube.

    I listened for a few mins. I stoped the video and decided to do some research on him. All I did was type in his name and your website was the first thing that popped up! When these evil people grab many sheep. They’re living in nice vehicles, homes and flying jet planes! It’s all about Tithes and Offerings, which is unbiblical! They will get the penalty that they deserve! You better know it!

    At the end of the day! When someone comes against my FATHER Yahuwah. Their coming against me! So you did right by exposing the truth Mr. Tony! It’s shameful to speak of what the ungodly people do in secret! [Ephesians 2:12]

    So if you’re wondering where does my money go since I don’t attend any of these non-denomination churches. It goes to the poor and needy, but I don’t let my left hand know where my right hand is doing. [Matthew 6:1-4] Only the FATHER knows what I do in secret to bring His Kingdom glory! We have to test peoples spirits! [1 John 4:1] We even have to test and examine ourselves! [2 Corinthians 13:12]

    May the LORD Sabaoth: the Holy One of Israel continue to keep a wall of fire 🔥 around you and those whom you truly love! 💙🤍💜🕊

    • Tony says:


      First, welcome! I’m glad you commented.

      I understand why you “don’t listen to anyone” anymore. There are a lot of people out there simply proclaiming that their opinions are the truth. It’s too common, and the consequences are often severe. Munroe and Jakes both teach contrary to what we see in Scripture, and those who are unfamiliar with Scripture are easily fooled by them. That’s what allowed them to live such extravagant lifestyles. Too often, people just “like” a teacher without wondering whether they’re teaching lies or the truth.

      I appreciate your encouragement very much. Have a great day!

  5. Stacey Walker Sr says:

    I’m willing to do the long-term discussions that it will take for you to present the evidence that this man is a false teacher because what I’m seeing is things that he said taken out of context. I’m not a disciple of his nor do I believe everything the way that he taught it, but we are to test every spirit and the holy spirit will reveal that spirits true nature. I’ve tested his and I want to study with you with meekness and fear of the Lord to understand why you’re making such claims if you so choose to engage with me.

    • Tony says:


      It’s nice to meet you! My response has two parts.

      I’ve provided several direct quotes from Munroe. They’re his own words, transcribed from video. You’re welcome to discuss whether what he taught is biblical, of course. If they’re taken out of context, then please provide the proper context. I’m confident that there’s nothing in Scripture, for example, to suggest that God lost access to earth when Adam sinned, and that He cannot act unless we give Him permission. I’m confident that, for example, there’s nothing in the Bible to suggest that God can legally stay here longer when someone is healed. If you have evidence that these ideas ARE from Scripture, and don’t CONTRADICT Scripture, you’re welcome to share it. Keep in mind that when two people claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit and then hold contradictory views of God, they can’t both be right… and they must turn to another source of authority for answers. That authority is – without question and without compromise – the Bible. While you may be led by what you feel is the Holy Spirit, He – being God – will never lead you to believe something that contradicts what He has already said is true.

      Before you spend any time looking for this evidence, and before you respond to this comment, it would be helpful to ask a very simple question. You’re trying to accomplish something here. Ask yourself this: what does success in this effort look like? If success is clearing Munroe’s name and showing that he wasn’t a false teacher, that seems like a worthy goal. If success is promoting doctrines that you believe, but aren’t in the Bible, that does not seem worth your time. If success is promoting yourself, as some try to do here, it will become obvious and I’ll remove your content.

      The most important goal for both of us, in my opinion, is to bear witness to the work of Jesus in our lives, to give God glory for all He has done, to share the gospel handed down once for all, and to seek first God’s Kingdom in all we do. If those aren’t your goals, I would kindly suggest that you take a moment to reassess. After that, please feel free to jump back into the conversation.

      Have a great day!

  6. Stacey Walker Sr says:

    Why are you so defensive in your comment to me? Have I wronged you with my reply? I can’t take your word for it that those are even his words without you proving that they are. So, I ask you, what I success do you seek in labeling this man a false prophet? I’m posting a link so you can here in “his” own words that “God gave Adam dominion over the Earth, but not ownership.” [Edit: link removed]
    I await your response and proof for a clear context.

    • Tony says:


      With respect, I’m not being defensive at all. It’s not my style, and I’m just not built that way. I am, however, both very experienced and very skeptical. I don’t believe you’re being entirely straight-forward with me. First you say I’ve taken his words out of context. Now you say you’re not sure they’re his words. Which is it? I can show you that those are his words, without question… but I won’t waste my time if you’re not sincere in our discussion.

      I’ve asked you to let me know your intentions… what success would look like in our conversation. Instead of answering, you accuse me of being defensive. I’ll ask again: what’s your goal? My goal is simple: to follow the instructions we find in the New Testament regarding false teachers. We’re to watch out for them, to point them out, to correct them if possible, and to remove them from the assembly if they won’t repent. Myles Munroe is currently dead, so there’s nothing I can do for him. Were he alive, I would be praying for him to acknowledge and teach the truth, and for his audience to know the difference. Almost all of the books in the New Testament warn us about false teachers, so we should take it seriously. Do you?

      I’ve removed your link for now. If you will engage with me in a transparent manner about your goal, we can continue. I wish you well.

  7. Stacey Walker SR says:

    Wow. My intention is simple. We are very quick to call someone a false teacher. T.D. Jakes I agree, but Dr. Monroe I’m not convinced and I simply wanted to be sure pending solid evidence and not heresay. Heresy is simply belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine. By this definition Jesus and all of his Apostles and disciples were considered to be as well according to the New Testament. I won’t assume why you’ve removed my video evidence and accused me of saying you too Dr. Monroe’s statement out of context. My reply is clear and posted. By this I’m not sure there’s much else to say. I pray that everyone who reads these words continually test every spirit that claims to be of God to see if the speak what scripture has revealed
    1 John 4. If they don’t line up or offer only personal rebukes, let them be accursed Gal. 1:8-9.

    • Tony says:


      While some may be quick to call someone a false teacher, I am not. I spent more than 20 years studying false teachers before I wrote a single article. I’ve read books, listened to preachers on the radio, watched them on TV, browsed their websites, and more. Maybe you failed to read the very first paragraph on this page. I’ll copy it here for your convenience:

      I’m often asked to assess what others teach. I do not do this lightly, but it is necessary. Before reading this page, or any of the pages about specific people, I recommend that you read What is a False Teacher?, which explains what the Bible says about false teachers, and why I would bother to research who they are and what they say.

      Maybe reading what I’ve actually written will help you see that I don’t write on a whim. It’s GOOD that you want to avoid gossip. I do too, and I wouldn’t want to bear false witness against anyone.

      You say you won’t assume why I’ve “accused you” of saying I took his words out of context? Why, that’s simple. You wrote this: “I’m willing to do the long-term discussions that it will take for you to present the evidence that this man is a false teacher because what I’m seeing is things that he said taken out of context.” That’s why. Your words say that you’re willing to have a mature discussion about these things, but it doesn’t look like you’ve even taken the time to think about what YOU have written… let alone to think carefully about what I’ve written. I’m willing to take you seriously as long as you don’t waste my time. So far, we’ve accomplished exactly nothing beyond you pretending to be offended. Don’t take our disagreement as dislike. I have nothing against you, and consider you my brother in Christ. If you’re going to reply, feel free… but please take the time to review the ENTIRE ARTICLE and to review OUR DISCUSSION SO FAR. Otherwise, I have no interest in spending more time going back and forth with you. I do wish you well, and hope you’re up to the challenge. Have a great day!

  8. jason says:

    You clearly need to read Ephesians and study it, zero in on chapter 1, and ask god to open the eyes of your understanding.

    • Tony says:


      While I appreciate your input, it’s not really very helpful. I’ve read Ephesians many times, and I’m pretty sure my Bible says the same things your Bible says. If you could be more specific about the parts of Ephesians I’ve misunderstood, I’d be in your debt. Thanks!

  9. Rand says:

    A study of the word of faith teaching does not state what you say, and results in your misleading of the word of faith beliefs. While I would agree that often people of every denomination including word of faith will take things off coarse to please or satisfy their own desires, that does not mean that the roots of the belief is false. That being said if any person mistakenly misquotes a belief are they a false teacher

    • Tony says:


      Thanks for writing. You’ve brought up two different things, so I’ll address them separately. First, please explain what part(s) of Word of Faith theology you believe is biblical. Then we can examine both the beliefs and the Scriptures to see if they match.

      As for the second, no. Simply being wrong doesn’t make someone a false teacher. Their claim may be in error, but not everybody who is wrong, or who is uninformed, or who makes a mistake is a false teacher. You might take a few minutes to read What is a False Teacher and let me know your thoughts. It’s not always black and white, and we should be very careful about the whole process. In essence, a false teacher is someone who teaches contrary to a foundational truth of Scripture, who is in a position to know better but does not, and persists in teaching unbiblical things.

      That would exclude someone speaking in error, or some layperson who simply parrots what they’ve heard without doing their homework. False teachers generally aren’t those who are simply wrong about something.

      1. They’re teachers, who are held to a higher standard than others,
      2. They fail, over time, to correct their own errors, and
      3. They typically build theological claims around those errors.

      Word of Faith teachers as a group teach falsely because they make unbiblical claims about the nature of God and the nature of man, then add doctrine on top of those errors. It’s not like a pastor who responsibly teaches from the text but is wrong about one topic. It’s like the teacher who says of their own error, “Since that [unbiblical thing] is true, then these other [unbiblical] things must also be true.” They construct their own doctrinal framework to support their errors, creating an alternate system of belief that doesn’t match what God has said in His Word.

      Does that make sense? A mistake is just a mistake. Being wrong is something we all share as humans. It’s not wrong or bad to point out mistakes and errors, of course. Being a false teacher goes to another level, where the areas of error become ‘new revelations’ that must be defended. That shouldn’t be.

  10. Theodore Philip Amper says:

    Thanks Tony! Your reply makes so much sense.


    DR Myles Munroe was a unique great man of God . Of course he may have errored here and there like any other human being but that does not mean he was a false teacher. Myles is one of the greatest Men of God, God chose to propagate the Gospel of the Kingdom of God
    I have not heard of anyone who is so knowlegeable about the word of God in the world today

    • Tony says:


      Let’s pretend for a moment that what you say is true. Where in the Bible can we find that God “can only do what we permit Him to do”? Is that one of his errors, or is that a false teaching about a foundational truth that affects both our view of God and man?

  12. Darren Court says:

    Sadly, those how LIKE Munroe feel the need to defend him and can rightly point to much of what he taught as truth! In doing so they display emotion, be it loyalty, be it defensiveness, be it pride (of emotional investment in Munroe), etc.

    The bible speaks to us all on such issues as we battle with the sinful desires…. “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their ITCHING EARS want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

    The fact is that Munroe said the things quoted here and it’s not enough for some investigate because he scratched their ITCHING EARS.

    It’s a warning for all of us to be like the Berean’s and to test EVERYTHING.

    Munroe’s errors are not simple errors that we might expect from any believer. They are HUGE and FUNDAMENTAL. Teaching Jesus did not die and God’s power is subject to men, is not only false teaching but blasphemy leading off the narrow path. The wages of sin are DEATH. Christ either paid that debt (of death) or the debt has not been paid!

  13. Julie says:

    Miles Monroe is the only message that makes sense and is backed by the Bible.

    • Tony says:

      Myles Munroe isn’t a message, Julie. Thanks for visiting. I wonder how much you actually know about the man, since you’ve misspelled his first AND last name. Do you agree with Myles Munroe that God is unable to do anything on Earth without permission from people like you and me? Do you believe that God can only do what we permit Him to do?

  14. Darren Court says:

    Julie… making statement of your opinion, as you just did, is off little to no value to others, unless you back it up with evidence, scripture or logic.

    Care to provide some?

  15. Julie says:

    Myles Monroe always backed what he said with scripture.

    • Tony says:


      Thank you very much for your reply. I do appreciate it!

      Myles Munroe said a lot of things that are true. I point that out in this article, and in What is a False Teacher. That, of course, isn’t the issue. It’s easy to tell when someone teaches false things like “Jesus didn’t exist” or “modalism is true.” It’s harder when people actually use the words we find in the Bible to support their teaching.

      There’s a real problem with it, though. Just using Scripture isn’t evidence of anything. Mormons quote Scripture. Jehovah’s Witnesses quote Scripture. Unitarians quote Scripture. Atheists quote Scripture to me regularly. The question isn’t whether someone uses Scripture, but whether they use it in a way that matches the context in which it was written, which includes all of Scripture. Peter pointed out the fact that Paul’s words were often distorted by those who misused them:

      Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him. He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction.

      Myles Munroe, along with every other Word of Faith teacher, distorted Scripture. He didn’t simply make a mistake here and there… he twisted the meaning of Scripture and built doctrines on top of his misinterpretations. If you’d like to try to defend things he taught, please do. I’m open to correction, as I’m sure you are.

  16. Julie says:

    First, if it hurt you that I misspelled his name, my apologies. Secondly, why are you so angry? And thirdly, I believe that God does use people to bring about activities on earth. He may not need our permission considering He can move on to the next person to bring about His plan. But I understand what Myles meant. So, yes, I agree with him. I never said he was the message. I said his teachings makes more sense than any other teachings I’ve come across and he backs it with scripture.

    • Tony says:


      No, it didn’t hurt. You don’t need to apologize. I also wasn’t trying to correct your spelling. Here’s the point: by commenting and disagreeing strongly, you presented yourself as someone who’s better able to assess whether Myles Munroe’s teaching matches God’s Word. You essentially said, “you’re wrong, and you know less than I know about this stuff, so you should listen to me.” Well… if you’re any sort of authority on whether his teaching is biblical, it makes sense that you would at least be familiar with the guy’s name. You’ve misspelled it in two separate comments, in fact… in spite of the fact that the page you’re commenting on shows his name a bunch of times, and in spite of the fact that the comment you replied to also showed his name, spelled correctly. I’m confident you’d have the same response if I said, “Christians follow Jeesuz, the Son of God.”

      Second, what makes you think I’m angry? Because we disagree? No, I’m not angry at all. I’m GLAD you’re here, and I want to hear what you have to say.

      As for whether you said he was the message, I’m not sure how else to read your comment: “Miles Monroe is the only message that makes sense.”

      Finally, it sounds like you’re not sure what you agree with. You say that God does NOT need our permission, but that you understand what Myles meant… so you agree, even though you disagree. Can you clarify? Thanks!

  17. Darren Court says:

    Alas you are living in denial dear sister!

    The fact you cannot look into the matter to see what Monroe preached in regard to these matters (Christ didn’t die and God is subject to man) speaks so.

    I guess your love and admiration for the man, perhaps born from personal emotional investment, prevents you from such contemplation, but it should be a warning to you.

  18. Darren Court says:

    I don’t feel caution is wise, what’s needed or fruitful when faced with emotive responses that have no substance, construct or evidence.

    I choose my words carefully knowing without seeking to cause offense but intending to speak the truth concisely and without ambiguity.

    If Julie shows my words are untrue, I will happily reject and seek forgiveness.

    • Tony says:


      My point is that you appear to be doing things you’ve already criticized. Here’s your earlier comment:

      “…making statement of your opinion, as you just did, is off little to no value to others, unless you back it up with evidence, scripture or logic. Care to provide some?”

      Your next response was exactly that. As you can see from already having read the article above, I’m not against speaking the truth, and doing that strongly. Clearly, I seek confrontation by publishing things that make others angry and defensive… so I’m not against conflict. My words were meant to a a gentle reminder that Julie deserves to be treated with respect and kindness, as one who needs help… not as an enemy. The ideas that Munroe spread – and that Julie wants to defend – are biblically ridiculous, but we fight lies and liars, not their victims. That’s all.

  19. Darren Court says:

    Sorry brother, I did not do that!

    …do you read…”unless you back it up with evidence, scripture or logic”?

    I think I made it clear why I formed my opinion, i.e based on Julie’s failure to comment direct on the evidence you presented.

    I don’t think I treated Julie as the enemy by pointing out that she has had several opportunities to directly address the issues presented and has not done so. To some that might seem too direct and I can understand that view without agreeing with it.

    Sometimes directness is required, is even the most loving and I judged this to be one of those times. You are free to disagree.

    • Tony says:

      Yes, I am free to disagree. I’m also free to ignore your comments rather than post them. Food for thought. I want you here. If you can’t take a gentle hint, that’s on you.

  20. Darren Court says:

    Your responses and your stated desire to want me here, seem to be in conflict, brother…..

    The reference to your power to not post my comments is neither gentle nor respectful.

    I’m not sure why I should be minded to “take your gentle hint” or why you felt it necessary give such a hint. Irrespective, the subsequent personal attack and your frankly overt threats are neither honoring to God or the work you have done here on your website… which I believe is commendable.

    This is all the more saddening given that my responses were actually only defending your views!

  21. Book of John says:

    You have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge therefore you are in error, not knowing the scriptures or the power of God

    • Tony says:

      Book of John:

      With respect, bologna. If you’re going to correct someone, bring receipts. If you know something about the Scriptures or about the power of God that I need to know, why wouldn’t you tell me about it? Are you only here to complain, or do you love me enough to help me grow?

  22. Karen Levine says:

    You are right Tony in your defense of God’s word. Myles Monroe was a motivational speaker. He would do great if he only taught the principles of discipline, the behaviors of men and women toward each other etc. I found them inspiring. I listened to many of his teachings: I loved his bravado; his confidence. But something was not settling right in my spirit. I asked God one day. “Why is this man dead?” God showed me. I heard what the critics had to say. He was taking Christ out of His own ministry. Jesus Christ says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by me.” Myles Monroe is essentially saying that there is another way. He came to his own conclusion. Yes what he taught about Jesus was intelligently masked in falsehood. I can understand why people wanted to believe him. It explains away all the evil that has taken place on earth when God did not stop it from happening. God can stop this whole world in the blink of an eye if He He chooses. He has allowed man his free will to choose for himself. He interferes only when He sees fit. God is the Supreme Ruler of this universe. Man cannot control God. He gave me a vision: I wrote it down in the book called God’s Vision by K.R. Levine. He knows men would have such discussions. He wanted the world to know that there is a marked difference between man and God. Thanks for allowing me to comment. Many will be lost if we do not preach the truth.

  23. Jozy b says:

    A very interesting article but My mind is brought Up to our Lord Jesus himself.He was called a false teacher,a false prophet because His teachings were misunderstood.Which People called Jesus a false teacher,THE saducees and Pharisees(religious group).
    THE disciples themselves could not understand Jesus whiles he was with Them,until THE Keys of the understanding of scriptires is given to you,you Will Read but yet never understand.Paul was once a zealous jew who thought he was fighting THE right course until he was interrupted by God in THE Way to Damaskus,may our Search for THE truth brings us to THE divine truth of THE Spirit of God devoid of canal understanding

    • Tony says:

      Welcome, Jozy!

      Hmmm. Let me see if I understand. It sounds like you’re saying that because Jesus was called a false teacher but was not, then anyone who calls someone else a false teacher must be as wrong as the Pharisees and Sadducees. Is that what you mean?

      I don’t think that’s what you mean. I’m going to guess that what you mean is that some accusations of false teaching might actually be true, and some not. I’m going to go even farther out on this limb and guess that you would agree that the only way to know for sure whether someone is really a false teacher would be to compare what they teach with what Jesus taught. Am I right?

      I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a very direct question: do you believe that Jesus actually died? Myles Munroe claimed that He did not, but the Bible says He did. Who do you think is right? Is the Bible false, or was Myles Munroe false?

  24. Remember says:

    Just for in case you didn’t know ;we don’t look good by making others to look bad.

    • Tony says:

      Is that how things work? We should avoid doing anything that might make someone look bad? That doesn’t sound right.

      I’m sure you’d agree that telling the truth about people who commit crimes will make them look bad, but you probably wouldn’t object to it. The apostle Paul actually named people who taught falsely… would you say the same to him? Believe me: if I wanted to look good, I wouldn’t be writing about false teachers. I’d be telling everybody how awesome they are, and avoiding any kind of criticism at all costs. I get far more disagreement from pointing out false teachers than agreement… but doing so is a duty for Christians outlined in the New Testament. Would you rather I disobey God, or take the hits that come from telling the truth about people who fail to preach from the New Testament?

  25. Desiree says:

    It would have been good if you added reference points to each of these quotes. That way people could go to the origin of the statement.

  26. Paul says:
    Jesus died and rose again. The kingdom of God is at hand.

    • Tony says:

      Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the link. Unfortunately, all this shows is that Munroe was inconsistent. I wish that weren’t the case.

  27. La'Taurus says:

    Do you not believe that Christianity itself is pagan in origin? That people on this religion try to use/misuse the “new testament” as a way to usurp the fact that The Most High has a divine plan that he’s using only one nation to see it through with?

    • Tony says:


      No, I don’t believe that. Why? Because I read the Hebrew Scriptures. They foretell the coming Messiah. They point to God’s choice to use Israel, and to them breaking covenant with Him. They tell of a new covenant, not like the old. Then, when I see the New Testament, I see that Jesus is the fulfillment of the old covenant. I see that the long-awaited Messiah, for whom Abraham and Moses and Jeremiah waited, has come. As evidence, I see Jesus’ teaching and His miracles. I see devout Jews flipping their worlds inside-out because they saw with their own eyes, and touched with their own hands, the prophecies come to life. I see the wisdom of Solomon surpassed by Jesus. I see the leadership of Moses surpassed by Jesus. I see the devotion of David surpassed by Jesus. I see the miracles from Egypt and Sinai and Babylon surpassed by Jesus.

      What do you see? Why do you think that Christianity is a conspiracy by pagans to obscure the truth?

  28. La'Taurus says:

    Tony, what exactly in the old covenant did he fulfill?

    “Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah, not like the covenant that I made with their fathers on the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, my covenant that they broke, though I was their husband, declares the Lord. For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people. And no longer shall each one teach his neighbor and each his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest, declares the Lord. For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”
    Jeremiah 31:31‭-‬34 ESV

    The new covenant is a future event that is made with a nation, not a religion.

    • Tony says:


      Jesus fulfilled ALL of the old covenant. The purpose of the old covenant was to point to the coming Messiah. You’re right: the new covenant, like the old covenant, was made with the nation of Israel… but gentiles – that is, the rest of the world – have been grafted in, like a wild olive branch on a domesticated olive tree. The old covenant is obsolete and has been replaced by a new and better covenant, and – as promised to Abraham – the whole world will be blessed by it. Jesus put the new covenant into force at His death, and many of the Jews in Israel understood that He is the fulfillment of both the promise and the covenant.

  29. La'Taurus says:

    So, you’re saying that Jeremiah 31 had been fulfilled?

    In context to the old covenant being fulfilled, what exactly was fulfilled? You keep using that word, I would like context, please.

    How were you “grafted in?” In order to do so, you’d have to submit to his order, wouldn’t you? I.e.keeping feast days and Sabbath to say the least?

    • Tony says:

      I’m not saying it. Jesus’ disciples said it. I’m just relaying the information. Jeremiah 31 has, at least, begun to be fulfilled.

      The old covenant was not an end unto itself. It had a purpose. If the terms of the covenant were the goal, they would never be fulfilled. The old covenant did what it was supposed to do, and it’s no longer needed. That’s what it means to be fulfilled.

      Feast days and sabbaths are part of the terms of the old covenant. In fact, God said (in Exodus 31) that the sabbath was the sign of the covenant between Himself and the ancient Israelites. Nobody else was included in that covenant. The new covenant, as Jeremiah pointed out, is not like the old. The sabbath was a shadow of things to come, and pointed to Messiah and the coming kingdom. Now that Messiah has come, and now that the kingdom is here, the sabbath is no longer needed. Taking part in the new covenant does not require taking part in the old covenant, which never included anyone but the ancient nation of Israel.

  30. La'Taurus says:

    “Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah, not like the covenant that I made with their fathers on the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, my covenant that they broke, though I was their husband, declares the Lord.
    Jeremiah 31:31‭-‬32 ESV

    The New Covenant according to this is with who?

    Therefore the people of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, observing the Sabbath throughout their generations, as a covenant forever.
    Exodus 31:16 ESV

    Sabbath is forever

    Then everyone who survives of all the nations that have come against Jerusalem shall go up year after year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the Feast of Booths. And if any of the families of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, there will be no rain on them.
    Zechariah 14:16‭-‬17 ESV

    Feast days will still be going on in the Kingdom.

    • Tony says:


      You started this conversation with the suggestion that Christianity is pagan. If you believe that, nobody would expect you to agree with the historical, biblical position that the old covenant has been superseded by the new covenant. Why don’t you explain why you think Christianity is pagan, and some kind of conspiracy?

  31. La'Taurus says:

    That’s funny. Couldn’t substantiate your belief with Scripture? That’s fine.

    The word “conspiracy” doesn’t spook me or galvanize me to move away from facts.

    Christianity is repackaged Babylonian sun worship. You don’t keep law statues or commandments. You worship on…Sunday. No one in the books were ever called “Christians.” They were known as ma’amin b’Moshiach or just believers in the Messiah. You celebrate Easter, Christmas, and other pagan days. You don’t keep feast days. You do all this by asserting that “they old covenant is done away with” while SCRIPTURE proves that ALL these things are eternal. This is light, though. It gets heavier.

    • Tony says:

      Yep. You caught me. Nailed it. I have no idea what I’m doing.

      In reality, you probably haven’t browsed around GodWords much, and I wouldn’t expect you to. If you did, you’d see only a small portion of the discussions we’ve been having about your exact claims. If you could look at my emails, you’d see even more… more, in fact, than the comments here. You’re not telling me anything new, let alone newsworthy.

      Funny how you mention facts. So far you haven’t brought any. You’ve made assertions, and made claims… but let’s not pretend you’ve actually begun to back up your claims with facts that can be substantiated. You’re not making a case, you’re simply being argumentative. That’s okay, to a point… but sooner or later you have to fish or cut bait. You wouldn’t expect me to JUST BELIEVE you, would you? No, I didn’t think so.

      For example: you claim that I worship on Sunday. You make this claim without any evidence… and you’re simply wrong. I don’t know what you mean when you say “in the books,” but the Greek christianos appears three times in the New Testament. It literally means “follower of Christ.” In the beginning, it was a term used by others to put down those who followed Jesus. The Didache, likely written in the first century, uses the term as self-identification.

      Also, you have no idea whether I celebrate any holidays at all, or whether I keep any feast days. Pretending you know what I do is only pretending. Maybe you’re lumping me in with ‘all the other Christians,’ but that would only show that you really, really don’t know what you’re talking about. Which Christians? Lebanese Christians? Chinese Christians? Peruvian Christians? Ethiopian Christians? You seem to want me to take you seriously, but you’re not showing yourself to be all that serious. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy a good sparring session. I’m not afraid to back up what I believe, and I’m not afraid of a good challenge. If you want to continue, bring me a good challenge. Use some actual facts that I – and the reading community here at GodWords – can independently verify. Otherwise, you’re just rehashing arguments that many before you have lost.

  32. Kathy Hardy says:

    You the false teacher..that’s why you passing judgement.

    • Tony says:


      Thanks for commenting! I have two very simple questions for you:

      • What have I taught that’s false?
      • You’re passing judgement on me. Does that make you a false teacher?

      I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!

  33. Jeremiah says:

    This was excellent! Earlier in my walk I thought he was an excellent teacher and expositor. Munroe clearly taught MANY heretical things.i recently heard a teaching of his where he claimed the good news of the Gospel isn’t about Jesus, it’s about the Kingdom. I do hope he was saved, just in deception,because clearly his teaching was not spiritually inspired.

  34. Leader says:

    When myles stated,the message was not about Jesus, its about the kingdom, think about it (without being “deep”)

    He was not saying Jesus wasn’t important, he emphasized on what made him important.

    What did Jesus preach?

    What did he want us to see with his ministry/life?

    • Tony says:


      You’re affirming something Munroe said that you believe is true. That’s fine. Nobody says false things all the time, of course. Do you agree with Munroe that God can’t do anything on earth without permission?

  35. Rutherford says:

    What a senseless write-up. You didn’t say anything reasonable. You wasted your time writing this? Wow! So sad…

    • Tony says:

      What a senseless comment. You didn’t say anything reasonable. You wasted your time writing this? Wow! So sad…

      (If you’d like to discuss the details, I’m always available. If you’re only here to whine, I’m usually busy)

  36. Dixon says:

    Myles Munroe,
    Here: The Bible makes clear in Genesis 1:26-28 saying, 26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
    What is the real meaning of dominion?
    Power, authority, jurisdiction, control, command, sway, dominion mean the right to govern or rule or determine. power implies possession of ability to wield force, authority, or influence.
    You see, as far as it concerns earth, God put us in charge.“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion…” – Genesis 1:26
    “Let them” clearly indicates that God gave us the responsibility of dominion. The earth was to contain the same DNA, the very same culture as heaven, but with one very distinct difference: Men were to have dominion over earth and manage it.
    “The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth He has given to the children of men.” –

    • Tony says:


      Thank you for your comments. I’m not going to post four comments, but I will respond to your arguments.

      There’s nothing in Genesis 1 to suggest that giving Adam and Eve dominion over the animals also locked God out of the planet. That’s the basis of Munroe’s teaching: that God CANNOT do anything on earth without permission. This is an entirely unbiblical idea, and is contradicted by all of the verses that explain that God can do anything. Genesis and Jeremiah explain that nothing is too hard for Him. Job explains that no purpose of God’s can be thwarted. Myles Munroe said that God couldn’t stop Eve from “destroying his whole program.” That’s not only unbiblical, it’s blasphemous.

      You quote Psalm 115:16 – The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth He has given to the children of men. Giving humans dominion over the earth is not at all the same as losing His own dominion. God has never been locked out of anything, as He created everything. Munroe taught that God made a rule about this, and then had to follow the rule… and that’s why He’s unable to do anything without our permission. First, it’s nonsense. Nothing in Scripture teaches about this supposed rule. Where did Munroe get his info? Certainly not from the Bible. Second, it suggests that God didn’t know the future… that Satan tricked Adam into giving him dominion, and so God had to formulate a plan to get it back. In your words, things seemed to go haywire. Again, unbiblical nonsense. God knows the future, and Satan has never tricked Him. If you claim otherwise, bring Bible verses to show it… but you won’t find them, as they’re not there. Nobody puts one over on God.

      As for prayer: yes, we do invite God to do things through prayer. No, that’s not the same as God needing our permission to do anything. We request His help, and He decides what is best. Munroe’s claims about prayer being permission, and that God needs our permission, is heretical and blasphemous. The Bible does not teach it, but Munroe taught as if it was fact. He was wrong.

      I do appreciate you writing to me, Dixon. Let me encourage you to not take my word for this, and to not take Myles Munroe’s word for it either. Begin a study of the Scriptures, to see what God has said. Let THAT be your guide. The antidote to bad theology is good theology… and even if you believe you have it right, you’ll only benefit from such a study. Let me know if you need a hand, or a study buddy.

  37. Chuck H. says:

    When I was a babe in Christ many years ago I would listen to different teachers and preachers say some things I agreed on and some not. The more I learned from the Word of God the more I came to know who to listen to and who to avoid. As we grow in our Christian life God must be the one who directs our path of learning. Where we tend to fall into error and false teaching is when we stop relying on the Bible as our source as line upon line and scripture backing scripture and change it to one verse being taken out of context and learn to create our own doctrines or follow those who do the same. Paul has warned us many times to be careful of who we listen to and who we choose to follow. This is just as true for today as it was then. If what you hear or read does not line up with ALL of the Bible then you probably need to stay away from it. My best advise for those who are searching, unsure of what to believe, or you are just following blindly the teacher or preacher of your choice because it sounds good, be like the Bereans and get your eyes and your heart in the Word of God ONLY! Dive deep and don’t stop reading and thinking about what you are reading until you find the truth untainted by the thoughts of others. Above all, pray that the Holy Spirit of God will show you!

  38. Maria says:

    Mr Tony…when Izaiel…commented up above…you just let him go… to just be …Why.?
    What happen to the word that said : for us to not stop congregating….😳

    • Tony says:


      I don’t feel the need to correct everyone, all the time, about everything. Just most people, most of the time, about most things. =)

      You should feel free to reply to Izaiel, if you’d like. Maybe he’ll respond.

  39. Glen says:

    I have just watched his video regarding Gen. 1:28 and discussing about dominion. Munroe never said that God cannot intervene anytime in his creation but he said he created man for the purpose to manage what was created. I dont know what is your religious background but you have a pre-concieved idea about interpreting other people.

    • Tony says:


      With respect, you are simply wrong. In this video, Munroe says exactly that:

      “Prayer is man giving God earthly license for heavenly interference… Paul says pray always and never stop, because when you stop praying, heaven is locked up… you should pray 24 hours a day… because He wants access constantly.” He goes on to say that when Jesus’ disciples fell asleep in the garden of Gethsemane, their sleeping was blocking interference (from God). He said, “… you can pray all night, it gives God access constantly.”

      Further: in the same video, Munroe makes the unbiblical claim that God can’t “go just save everybody… He needs a human agency. That’s why you and I (speaking to Benny Hinn) gotta preach. We’ve got to give God license to literally go and convict that person to bring them to Him.” Certainly there’s nothing in Scripture that teaches this.

      I don’t know your religious background, Glen… but please let me encourage you to NOT BELIEVE ME. Take the time to compare what I say, what you say, and what Munroe said with what God Himself has said. That’s our only hope of getting things right, and seeing the difference between false teachers and true. Let me know how I can help, my friend.

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