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2021 was a difficult year for many. Personally, I spent time in the ICU with Covid, and spent much of the year recovering. I'm okay now, but it took about six months to feel normal again. While much of the brick-and-mortar world was shut down, the internet was alive. I'd like to say 'alive and well,' but we all know that wouldn't exactly be true.

My Statement of Faith, in detail. It's a work in progress. If you don't see what you want to know, feel free to ask.

2017 was another good year. Since many GodWords readers like to know about such things, I usually post a year-end review. Where do GodWords readers live? Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda...

It's been some time since my most recent post. I've been extraordinarily busy at work (thanks, God) and at home. That doesn't mean I haven't been working hard to share the Gospel, though. I've created a new website:

Most people don't care about the technical details of a website. Many do, so I've put those details here. If there's anything you want to know about how GodWords was crafted, let me know.

First-time visitors won't notice anything different, of course...but returning GodWords visitors will notice a huge design changeĀ for my website. When I'm not studying and posting on GodWords, I'm a freelance web designer.

Why am I a Christian? Did my parents force their religion on their children? Do I have blind faith in God? Here's a quick look at my story.

Do you have a question? Do you need information? I love answering questions! I try to respond to each email personally.

Maralee asked: "How can I know that the info you have on this site is truth without researching every item individually by myself? How can you prove your credibility?" That's a very good question!

It's time for another wrap-up...hard to believe it's been another year already! In 2012, GodWords welcomed a couple hundred thousand visitors, serving around a million web pages to people in almost every country and region of the world. Not bad for a little old website.

2011 was a banner year for GodWords! Despite a distinct lack of new material (only about 20 new posts), traffic to GodWords during 2011 more than doubled. Most of it comes from search engines, which is no surprise. Being a web designer, it's my job to understand how the web works.

Unnecessary criticism can be very costly. I'm not talking about the kind of criticism that, when spoken in love, helps us become better people. I'm talking about the kind of criticism that's designed simply to expose the flaws we see in each other.