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Should Conservatives be ‘One-Issue’ Voters?

HomeNews, Politics, and MoreShould Conservatives be ‘One-Issue’ Voters?

Because of the political timing and climate in America, I’ve had a number of recent conversations about conservatives being “one-issue voters”. I’d like to reiterate a bit, if you don’t mind…and to give you a little food for thought.

Christians probably shouldn’t be one-issue voters…but let’s not pretend that capital punishment or political wars are somehow the same as abortion. Forget about matters of guilt or innocence and just look objectively at the numbers:

From 1976 to 2004 there were around 885 executions in the US. That’s 885 in 28 years…but that many abortions are performed every SIX HOURS, around the clock, in the US.

The numbers change only a little for wars like the one in Iraq. Take the 4000 or so Americans killed in 5 years and you have 1,700 times more abortion deaths than Iraq war deaths each day.

The two issues may be similar philosophically, but they’re vastly different in reality. If there’s one issue worth being a “one-issue voter” about, I’d suggest that abortion is it.

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