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There are no Bible verses that prohibit cremation. In fact, there are no specific instructions in the Bible for how we’re to deal with the bodies of those who have died.

The ancient Jews typically buried the dead, but not always. 1 Samuel 31 describes “valiant men” who snuck into enemy territory during war to provide burials for Saul and his sons. They quickly burned the bodies, then took their bones and buried them somewhere else. Jews in the New Testament era also practiced cremation, and we see nothing in Scripture to suggest they shouldn’t have done it.

I understand your concern, as many Christians have grown up with the idea that burial is the option that God prefers. They see some connection between burial and resurrection. Of course, that doesn’t quite make sense. God will have no problem providing bodies for those He resurrects, and cremation is not going to make it more difficult for Him.

Having recently lost both of my parents and a brother (all separately), I admire your desire to make things easier for your family. My advice to you would be to do whatever you think is best, as God has not provided any restrictions on how to dispose of our bodies.

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