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Gianna Jessen was just a baby when her mother decided to kill her. Because she weighed only two pounds, she was unable to defend herself from her much-larger mother. Her muscles hadn’t developed to the point where she could run away from her attacker. She almost died.

Shocking? Maybe to some people. To others, this is an unnecessarily graphic and overly-emotional description of the very common act of abortion.

Because the saline solution intended to kill Gianna didn’t do the job, she was born alive. Deprived of oxygen, she now has cerebral palsy. Decades later, we still argue about abortion: whether the unborn have rights, whether they should be protected by law, whether abortion is murder or infanticide or simply women doing what they think is best.

No matter which side of the political aisle you’re currently on, I’d say that every American with a conscience (that’s pretty much everybody) should know where they stand on the issue of abortion. It’s tough to deny that a fetus is a human baby, so that argument won’t work. The question has to come down to whether one human has the right to kill another for the sake of convenience.

And yes, I just poisoned the well. Now you know where I stand. =)

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