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Thank You From the Chapman Family

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This just came in from Steven Curtis Chapman’s manager:

“It has been a little over a week since the accident that put Maria Chapman in Jesus’ arms. These have been dark and trying days of deep sadness. The Chapman family is struggling with grief and wrestling to come to terms with the new normal, a world without Maria. It will be a long road.

And yet, I want you to know that they are holding on to the truth of Gospel, just as I hope I would, just as you expect they might. It is not a false strength, nor a false hope. It is authentic sorrow and true belief simultaneously. Steven, Mary Beth and the entire Chapman extended family has asked that I thank each of you who have prayed for this family. They are overwhelmed with your good care and unearthly strength to carry on that they believe is from your prayers sustaining them.

In closing, it seems awkward that we released an album, The Cinderella Edition of THIS MOMENT, just days after our loss of Maria. As I mention on my blog at, an additional edition of the album had been planned for months. Under normal circumstances, you would’ve gotten an e-mail from us telling you about the new edition and its new songs content, and a picture of the album cover. I won’t do that on this day. While I am excited for the new edition to be available, and believe that the song “Cinderella” is more important than ever…it doesn’t feel right. I guess I’m still struggling with the new normal myself.

Again, we’re so grateful for your prayers for the Chapman family,
May God be Glorified,

Jim Houser

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