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Modern societies offer a lot of entertainment options. We’re surrounded by music, television, videos, advertisements, and more. Some are a good investment of our time and attention, but others are not.

Sandra asked: "I heard someone say we are in a culture war. What is a culture war?" That's a good question, Sandra. A "culture war" is when one group's ideas about what society should be like conflicts with another group's ideas about what society should be like.

I get a fair amount of email from GodWords readers (thank you!), and questions about avoiding temptation come up frequently. This song has helped me keep a wise perspective on such things, and I've been singing it to my son at night for over a decade. All temptations offer a trade: momentary pleasure for long-term suffering.

The 2014 movie Noah is clearly The Most Divisive Movie Ever, except for all of the other religious movies ever made. I don't do movie reviews...but, since so many are asking questions about the theological content in the movie, I figured I'd better get to work. WARNING: SPOILERS.

Many of you know that Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter Maria died tragically a few months ago. Recently, Steven Curtis and his wife Mary Beth appeared on Good Morning, America. Here's the 8-minute interview, where the family talks about grief and about supporting each other.

Charlene asked: "Am I alone on this? I don't see pot smoking as ok. I also don't want to cast stones, I missing something?" Thanks for asking, Charlene! When it comes to smoking pot, I have three points of view: practical, legal, and theoretical.

This just came in from Steven Curtis Chapman's manager: "It has been a little over a week since the accident that put Maria Chapman in Jesus' arms. These have been dark and trying days of deep sadness. The Chapman family is struggling with grief and wrestling to come to terms with the new normal, a world without Maria. It will be a long road.

Please join me in prayer for those close to the family of Steven Curtis Chapman. Bad news just arrived from their manager: "Last night Maria Sue Chapman, adopted and youngest daughter of Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman, was killed in a tragic accident..."

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