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Steve Green – Guard Your Heart

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I get a fair amount of email from GodWords readers (thank you!), and questions about avoiding temptation come up frequently. This song has helped me keep a wise perspective on such things, and I’ve been singing it to my son at night for over a decade. All temptations offer a trade: momentary pleasure for long-term suffering. The Bible acknowledges that sin is pleasant, but points out that it’s only pleasant for a short time. While the consequences of sin outweigh the benefits, we still seek the temporary pleasure.

Psalm 119:11 points to a very wise strategy. David wrote “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” When we truly understand how much God loves us, and when we truly want to live as we should, we will naturally begin to turn away from sin and temptation and turn to God instead. When you are tempted, let the Holy Spirit guide you. Pray for the strength to avoid sin.

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