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Abortion: the S.L.E.D. Test

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Abortion is always a hot topic. Some see the debate as between religious people and non-religious people, but that’s hardly accurate. There are a lot of atheists who oppose abortion, for example. The question at hand is whether abortion is a moral good, a moral evil, or a neutral act.

Many Christians believe that the most convincing arguments against abortion are those that require no agreement on religious grounds. After all, the claim that God hates abortion is unlikely to sway someone who doesn’t care what God might think. A more philosophical, science-based, common-sense approach might be helpful in convincing people to think carefully abortion.

Along those lines, I recommend the S.L.E.D. It’s an acronym:

Each of these represents a simple, easy to understand perspective on the morality of abortion. I wouldn’t say that using these ideas in a discussion will convince everyone, but they’re the logical and consistent application of principles that most people can agree on.

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