Scientology: Bad People

Is Scientology bad? Is Scientology true? Is Tom Cruise Scientology?

Bad People. That’s how a 61 year-old woman described her neighbors, the Los Angeles Scientologists. In an attempt to avoid being picketed, they got permits to close the sidewalks around their offices. This lady, without knowing it, demonstrates clearly how militant some Scientologists can be.

Scientology: Jason Beghe Full Interview

Is Scientology bad? Is Scientology true? Is Tom Cruise Scientology?

As I mentioned earlier, Jason Beghe used to be Scientology’s poster boy. Now he’s speaking out against the sci-fi religion. Enjoy his interview…your comments are welcome.

It’s long, by the way…it’s well over two hours. For those interested, it’s going to be too short. The other person you hear in the video is Mark Bunker, also known as WBM (“wise beard man”).

As with the previous video, this interview contains profanity. If you’re offended by profanity, I suggest you listen to it anyway.

Is Scientology Bullying YouTube?

Is Scientology bad? Is Scientology true? Is Tom Cruise Scientology?

Some of you have noticed that a recent video, featuring actor and former Scientologist Jason Beghe, is no longer available. This Religion News Blog article might shed some light on the situation.

No justification was given to me, I got no notice from them, and there appears to be no recourse. And why did this happen? Because the Jason Beghe interview was about to be posted – and Scientology did not want anyone to see that. My tease for the Jason Beghe interview went up on Sunday, and by this afternoon we had almost six hundred thousand views, and it had been profiled in newscasts around the world. There is a lot of tension being drawn to this video, and Scientology wanted to stop it.

Mark Bunker

Mark Bunker is a well-known journalist and Scientology opponent. He’s complaining that his YouTube account has been suspended, and thinks that Scientology leaders have pressured Google (YouTube’s owners) into keeping him from spilling the beans about their organization.

I don’t find it that odd that this sort of thing is happening. The pressure on Scientology is intensifying, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a whole bunch more defections before 2008 is over.

Jason Beghe: Scientology Poster Boy?

Is Scientology bad? Is Scientology true? Is Tom Cruise Scientology?

Most Americans know who Jason Beghe is. I wasn’t sure until I looked at the movies and TV shows he’s been in…then I knew I’d seen him dozens of times.

Jason used to be a Scientologist. No, not your run-of-the-mill Scientologist…he was an OT VII. That means that he spent a lot of money to advance through many levels of Scientology on his way to being “clear”. He knows what he’s talking about.

Scientology is destructive, and a rip-off…and it’s very dangerous.

He was so involved, and so deep, that Scientology president David Miscavige once called him ‘the poster boy for Scientology’. In a recent interview with Fox News, Beghe said that “it’s all about the money”. I’d guess that, after 14 years in Scientology, he’s not their poster boy anymore.

Below is a ‘teaser’ video…it’s a few minutes of a longer interview yet to be published. For those of you who are easily offended (and you know who you are), beware: this video contains profanity. If you’re easily offended by a handful of f-bombs, or if the Queen Mother of All Swear Words makes you cringe, don’t watch it. In fact, if you’re that easily offended, what are you doing here?

Relax. I'm trying to be funny.

Scientology vs Wikileaks – Round 1

Is Scientology bad? Is Scientology true? Is Tom Cruise Scientology?

In the news: the church of Scientology has begun to make their move. Some of their most sensitive documents have been leaked by Wikileaks, a website devoted to transparency in the pursuit of justice. In characteristic fashion, lawyers representing the RTC have demanded that Wikileaks remove the material from their website.

The Religious Technology Center…was founded in 1982 by the Church of Scientology in order to control and oversee the use of all of the trademarks, symbols and texts of Scientology and Dianetics…

The RTC complains that the leaked material is protected by copyright. Wikileaks complains that the church of Scientology is oppressive and commits illegal acts to protect itself from those who would expose wrongdoing.

Read the Wikileaks article.

Scientology’s OT Documents Leaked

Is Scientology bad? Is Scientology true? Is Tom Cruise Scientology?


A Clear will have considerable influence upon others around him. People whose ability to confront is not very high will begin to fall to pieces in the presence of a Clear. One mechanism of this is that the Clear tends to raise the people around him to a slightly higher level of confront, and they begin to confront their own mind, and this really shakes them up. This is particularly so of an S.P. who dares not look at his mind, because he knows that if he does he will go insane.

Confused? You should be. This is a quote from The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology…Volume 14: The O.T. Levels.

A “Clear” is someone who has been freed of unwanted emotions or painful traumas. This service is available from the church of Scientology at a very, very expensive price.

OT stands for Operating Thetan. According to Scientologists, that’s a level of spiritual being where one has “knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time”.

Confused? You should be. Scientology’s beliefs run the gamut from immortal space creatures to past lives to control over everything. There’s a lot that people don’t know about Scientology, of course…but with the recent publication of Volume 14, the public will soon know more.

Stay tuned.

What Scientologists Believe

Is Scientology bad? Is Scientology true? Is Tom Cruise Scientology?

It’s sometimes really difficult to encapsulate a belief system in a few words. Sometimes it’s helpful to describe it with pictures, and it’s often beneficial if those pictures also move.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of what Scientologists believe:

PS: Despite living quite near South Park, I really don’t like the cartoon at all. I don’t think it’s that funny, and I find it annoying…so annoying that – don’t tell anybody – I killed Kenny.