Jason Beghe: Scientology Poster Boy?

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Most Americans know who Jason Beghe is. I wasn’t sure until I looked at the movies and TV shows he’s been in…then I knew I’d seen him dozens of times.

Jason used to be a Scientologist. No, not your run-of-the-mill Scientologist…he was an OT VII. That means that he spent a lot of money to advance through many levels of Scientology on his way to being “clear”. He knows what he’s talking about.

Scientology is destructive, and a rip-off…and it’s very dangerous.

He was so involved, and so deep, that Scientology president David Miscavige once called him ‘the poster boy for Scientology’. In a recent interview with Fox News, Beghe said that “it’s all about the money”. I’d guess that, after 14 years in Scientology, he’s not their poster boy anymore.

Below is a ‘teaser’ video…it’s a few minutes of a longer interview yet to be published. For those of you who are easily offended (and you know who you are), beware: this video contains profanity. If you’re easily offended by a handful of f-bombs, or if the Queen Mother of All Swear Words makes you cringe, don’t watch it. In fact, if you’re that easily offended, what are you doing here?

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