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Anonymous vs Scientology

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For those who haven’t been paying attention, the “church” of Scientology fits almost any definition of the word cult. More than a few people have left Scientology over their under-handed and domineering tactics, and support networks appear to be springing up all over.

Someone calling themselves Anonymous posted a video online that let the Scientologists know that a new movement toward undermining their “religion” would soon be evident.

While I do not agree with, or condone, the idea that any group – religious, civic, or otherwise – should be “taken down” by force, I agree that the actions of Scientologists should be made public.

If you’re not familiar with those actions, you might spend a few minutes on the Operation Clambake website, Xenu, by the way, is – according to Scientology – an ancient alien dictator who killed billions of his people by bringing them to Earth and blowing them up. Their disembodied essences supposedly attach themselves to us, causing spiritual harm. More on that at another time.

For now, take a look at the video posted by Anonymous. Let me know what you think. What might justify a ‘terrorist’ approach to bringing down a cult? Can such actions be justified?

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