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Science is a man-made system of gathering and interpreting information about the physical world. Behind this system is the logical idea that the universe is orderly and predictable, that we can learn true things about the world around us, and that this knowledge can make our lives better. Science has limitations, but it’s a good method for learning some things. Science and Christianity – that is, good science and biblical Christianity – do not conflict.

The Greek word PAN means "all", and THEOS means "god". Simply put, Pantheism is the view that everything is God. Another way a pantheist might explain it is that nature and God are the same thing.

We've been trying to figure out where life comes from for a long time. Aristotle wanted to know. Darwin and Pasteur wanted to know. Seems like everyone wants to know how life on Earth came to be.

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has a son with Down's Syndrome. Why is it a big deal? Simple: most women in the developed world undergo testing to see if their baby will have Down's Syndrome, and an estimated 90% of all babies so diagnosed are aborted.

This is a common question, even if it's not expressed out loud. Science and religion are often seen as in conflict. I suggest that most often, they are not...the problem is one of utility. Here's the problem, in my estimation:

No. Science doesn't prove - or disprove - anything. Now, before you go getting all excited and writing me off as a nut, think about it. What exactly IS science? I'm not talking about science in specific terms, like anthropology or botany or zoology. I'm talking about science in general. You know, the larger principle.

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