Pantheism Contradicts Science

Are minds real? Do humans have free will? Is evolution true?

The Greek word PAN means “all”, and THEOS means “god”. Simply put, Pantheism is the view that everything is God. Another way a pantheist might explain it is that nature and God are the same thing. That includes people, planets, and your neighborhood platypus…and everything else.

As I wrote in Materialism Contradicts Science, the universe had a beginning. Something caused it to come into existence. If you’re not up to speed on how the concept of entropy proves that the universe had a beginning, you might want to read that article.

Because the universe had a beginning, Pantheism must be false. Like Materialism, Pantheism presupposes that the universe is all that exists. Because the universe couldn’t create itself, something outside the universe had to do the creating. If the universe is divine, what do we call the being that created the universe? Should we worship the creature, or the creator?

One would think that a Pantheist would welcome the opportunity to readjust their thinking, and to worship the One who created our amazing universe…rather than worshipping the universe itself.