Which is more reliable…science, or theology?

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This is a common question, even if it’s not expressed out loud. Science and religion are often seen as in conflict. I suggest that most often, they are not…the problem is one of utility. Here’s the problem, in my estimation:

  1. Science cannot accurately comment on that which cannot be observed.
  2. Science, when dealing with unobservable things, has an inherent anti-supernatural bias.
  3. This is as it should be.
  1. Theology cannot accurately comment on that which is not found in Scripture.
  2. Theology, when dealing with non-Scriptural things, has an inherent supernatural bias.
  3. This is as it should be.

The trouble comes from taking one in isolation of the other. Science doesn’t answer questions of ultimate origin or purpose (not in its realm) and theology doesn’t answer questions of detailed mechanism (not in its realm). As both a science lover and a Christian, I’ve never encountered any item that caused me to lose faith in either.

In no way do I mean to say that science and religion should be separate…I simply mean that it’s important to understand what science cannot do, and what the Bible is not for.

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