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One of Jesus’ inner circle of 12 men, Simon Peter is both a prominent character in the Bible and the author of two of its books.

Some facts about Simon Peter:
Born in Bethsaida, in Galilee
His given name: Simon Bar-Jona (son of Jona)
His name was changed to Peter by Jesus
Brother of another disciple: Andrew
Philip was also from Bethsaida
Occupation: Fisherman
He was married, and His mother-in-law lived with him (Matthew 8:14)
According to Clement of Alexandria, Peter had children
Jesus gave him the name Cephas (John 1:42 )
Jesus healed his mother-in-law’s fever (Matthew 8:14-15 )
After Jesus’ death, Peter was one of three primary leaders in the Christian church in Jerusalem. (Galatians 2:9 )
Manner of death: traditionally, crucified upside-down in Rome
Tradition holds that Peter’s wife was also martyred

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9 responses to “Biography of Simon Peter, Jesus’ Disciple”

  1. donna says:

    peter was NOT a pope….how can he be a pope and then crucified like a criminal? the rock Jesus spoke of was Jesus himself….peter was not the head of the apostles…James if anyone was more of a leader….the bible has been changed to fit the catholic religion…a lot of things are changed….very sad….

    • Tony says:


      I would agree with some of what you say, but there are some things I would take issue with.

      First, I don’t believe that Peter was a pope. I think that’s a bit of historical revisionism. Your reasoning is flawed, though. Jesus was crucified like a criminal, and He is God…so there’s no reason a pope couldn’t be killed that way as well. Second, the rock may not have referred to Peter OR to his confession. It may have referred to an actual rock near where Jesus said that. It’s more complicated than a comment can hold, but there was a place known as ‘the gates of hell’ in the spot where Jesus and His disciples were together. Jesus may have been saying that none of the idolatry and superstition of the region would prevail against His church. Third, I’m afraid it’s quite out of order to claim that the Bible was changed without some more information. For example: who did the changing, and how do we know it? Are today’s Bibles wrong, or are you talking about some older Bible that nobody uses anymore?

      I’m not asking for the information for myself. I’ve done the homework, and know that modern Bibles more reliably reflect what was originally written than older ones. There’s no reason to mistrust the Bible at all. I’m asking because I wonder whether YOU have done the homework. Have you? If so, please present your evidence…thousands and thousands will benefit from your investment!

    • Esau Basemath says:

      So true,by the Spanish,JESUS is the head,say it well,and these people is walking in error,no such things as popes ,not calling these men father telling your sins too,JESUS is the high priest,these priest was done with when the veil was ripped,we are the priesthood now,not these Catholics,you know that’s all you find online now Catholic writing

  2. Donna says:

    Jesus didn’t have a ‘church’ when he was here…..this would not come until later…yes they crucified Jesus as a criminal but they really did not know who he was…he was treated like everyone else….and yes if you look back on all the evil popes we’ve had I’m more than sure the scriptures were changed to their liking… were some prayers…why were the words to the OUR FATHER changed if they came from Christ himself????? The popes did a lot of playing around with the bible to suit themselves…why were certain gospels not in the bible? MML& J are basically saying the same thing with a very safe message…..I have done my homework….I don’t trust any priests anymore it’s sad but I can’t imagine the apostles sexually abusing vunerable people who trust them…..thank you for answering me….i am having a very hard time now thinking everything i was taught was a lie……peace to you…answer back if you want …but be kind….no harsh words excepted…….

    • Tony says:


      The word “church” doesn’t mean a local building where Christians gather, of course. It comes from the Greek ekklesia, which means “called out ones.” Jesus did have a church…He had a group of “called out ones,” and the gates of Hell will not prevail over them. All believers are “called out” of their old life into a new life with Him.

      You wrote, “peter was NOT a pope….how can he be a pope and then crucified like a criminal?” I pointed out that Jesus was also crucified like a criminal. Your response is puzzling. Peter being crucified is not an indication that he was, or was not, a pope. They’re entirely separate issues. Popes have been strangled, drowned, and killed in a number of ways…that doesn’t have anything to do with whether they were popes.

      Again, I’m going to disagree with you on the Scriptures. The words to the prayer Jesus prayed have not changed. You can find two versions of it, in Matthew 6 and Luke 11. They’re not exactly the same. If you want to say that either Matthew or Luke (or both) changed it, that will begin another discussion entirely. If you want to say that popes changed it, you’ll need to account for the manuscript evidence with which translators produce our Bibles. If you mean that some people pray the “Our Father” in their local churches and that it doesn’t match what we see in Scripture, you’re right…but that’s not changing the Scriptures. Open your Bible and read them for yourself.

      Unless you can produce some evidence that popes changed the Bible, I’m sticking to my position that they have not been changed. As for other gospels, you will (again) need to be specific. Name another gospel that you think belongs in the Bible. It’s one thing to say it, but another to show that you’ve done your homework. I’m betting you haven’t done your homework, or you probably wouldn’t suggest that other gospels should have made the list.

      Can you name another gospel? If so, which one shouldn’t have been left out?


    • Sam McGowan says:

      The word “church” is not actually found in the Gospels, it’s a transliteration of the Greek word for “assembly” with the German word “kirch” for a building. The Gospels make very clear that Jesus began calling out His assembly immediately after His baptism by John the Baptist. Peter and the other apostles and disciples were the “church.” Pentecost is not the anniversary of the church, it’s the anniversary of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost.

  3. Daniel says:

    Point is Simeon Kefah went to Rome to be killed.Never was a pope of the catholics.

  4. john Fitzpatrick says:

    . What I find interesting yet somewhat disturbing is the somewhat very well-educated sounding descriptions of many variations of who and what the disciples were and were not. Along with what the church was or is or is not. Who really presides as the Pope of which to me has absolutely no reason for or basis underlining the pope of any type of Godly claim or leadership. One must remember during this time period the pope was non-existent to the tabernacle or temple of God. Solomons Temple was the sole claim to the righteousness of creator and our God. We all must realize Christ was sent here for a twofold reason. Number one and it must be the number one reason for Christ. God’s promise to Abraham God knowing he could not fulfil his promise to Abraham to be the father of as many children as the sands upon the earth without completely changing the law.We also must remember God mad us in his image therefore he to needed to destroy the law of his chosen people to give them freedom. Christ born of Mary is a Jew like it or not he came here to save the tabernacle or church of God if you prefer from its own greed and self-righteousness. Two he was chosen to be crucified by the hand and words of the chosen leaders of that tabernacle. A man was chosen to betray him and kiss him and hand him over to Rome and this so-called self-righteous group of historians to expel the Jewish nation allowing God to transform the foundation of the temple or tabernacle from the people of the Jewish nation to the church of Jesus Christ the Man Son of God. FEED MY PEOPLE PETER? YES, LORD I WILL!!! UPON THIS ROCK I SHALL BIULD MY CHURCH!!!!! Like the pharisees of those days many make claim to the knowledge of salvation and the kingdom of God. But the same is today. Words are smart and well-chosen but are cheap and tell nothing of value to serve our Lord. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know more about our Lord and his disciples. In fact, Christ demands that we learn but that we learn to live and share our knowledge with a willing heart and love and understanding of why he chose to come and die for us. As for the rhetoric and self-imposed explanations from any source other than Christ and the holy Spirit carries only the wisdom of man. People the pope is nothing more than a man-made token of his sins from day to day. Though he is not the Anti-Christ his position will cause a reflection greater than any other before Christ return. Read learn remember Solomon God said what may I give to you as king. YOUR WISDOM DEAR GOD YOUR WISDOM. Knowledge, anyone can get it!! Knowing its purpose is a different story. BEWARE OF FOOLISHNESS.

    • Tony says:


      Part of your comment makes it sound like you think Jesus was crucified IN RESPONSE to conditions on earth. Maybe I’ve misunderstood… but wanted to make clear that Jesus’ death was planned from “the creation of the earth.” In no way was God reacting to things, as if He didn’t see them coming. Right?

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