Prophets in the Bible

Should Christians follow the 10 commandments? Law vs grace. Are Christians under law?

Please let me know if I’ve missed any prophets.

List of prophets in the Bible
Old Testament
Abraham Genesis 20:7
Moses Deuteronomy 34:10, Hosea 12:13
Miriam Exodus 15:20
Aaron Exodus 7:1
“A prophet” Judges 6:8
Deborah Judges 4:4
Samuel 1 Samuel 3:20, 9:9
Gad 1 Samuel 22:5, 2 Samuel 12:25, 2 Chronicles 29:25
Nathan 2 Samuel 7:2, Ps. 51, 2 Samuel 12:24, 1 Kings 1, 2 Chronicles 29:25
Ahijah 1 Kings 11:29, 1 Kings 14
Old Prophet in Bethel 1 Kings 13
Man of God from Judah 1 Kings 13
Jehu 1 Kings 16
Balaam 2 Peter 2:16
Elijah 1 Kings 18, 1 Kings 21, 2 Chronicles 21:12
Prophets of Baal 1 Kings 18
Elisha 1 Kings 19:15, 2 Kings 3-7
“A Prophet” 1 Kings 20:12
Micaiah 1 Kings 22
Zedekiah and 400 false prophets in the courts of King Jehosaphat 1 Kings 22
At least 100 “Sons of the Prophets” 1 Samuel 10, 19:20, 1 Kings 18:4, 2 Kings 1-5, 9
Jonah Jonah, 2 Kings 14:23
Isaiah 2 Kings 19 & 20
Shemaiah 2 Chronicles 12:15
Iddo 2 Chronicles 12:15
Zachariah ben-Iddo Ezekiel 5:1, Zechariah 1:1
Azariah 2 Chronicles 15 & 28:9
Jehaziel 2 Chronicles 20:14
Zachariah ben-Jehoida 2 Chronicles 24:19
“A prophet” 2 Chronicles 25:15
Hulda 2 Chronicles 34:22, 2 Kings 22:14
Jeremiah 2 Chronicles 36:12, Jeremiah 1:5, 26:7, Jeremiah 29
Haggai Ezra 5:1, 6:14, Haggai 1:1
Noadiah – false prophetess Nehemiah 6:14
“The Prophetess” – Isaiah’s Wife? Isaiah 8:1ff
Hannaniah and other false prophets Jeremiah 26:11, Jeremiah 28
Shemaiah – false prophet Jeremiah 29:27
New Testament
John the Baptist Matthew 11:9
Jesus Matthew 13:57, Luke 1:76, Luke 24:19
Zacharias Luke 1:67
Anna Luke 2:36
Agabus and other prophets from Jerusalem Acts 11:27, 13:1, 21:9
Bar-Jesus (Elymas) – false prophet Acts 13:6
Judas Acts 15:32
Silas Acts 15:32
“The Holy Prophets” Ephesians 3:5
Cretan prophet Titus 1:12
Jezebel – false prophetess Revelation 2:20
2 Apocalyptic prophets Revelation 11:3-10
The False Prophet Revelation 16:13, 19:20

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Name Meanings in the Bible

A lot of people have written and asked for a list of the meanings of the names of people in the Bible. Most of them come from readers of Name Changes in the Bible, one of the most popular GodWords articles. So: you asked for it, you’ve got it. Keep in mind that many names found in the Bible are not translated in the Bible, and that we often rely on translations of the name from other sources.

This list is, of course, incomplete. I mean, just look at how short it is. We’re just getting started. If you can add a name and meaning to it, just use the form at the bottom of the page and let me know.

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Name meanings in the Bible
Name Language Meaning Notes
Abba Chaldee Father In the Bible, Abba is a name applied to God three times, all in the New Testament.
Abda Hebrew Servant of Jehovah There are two Abdas in the Bible:

  1. The father of Adoniram
  2. The son of Shammua
Abel Hebrew Breath The second son of Adam and Eve, Abel’s name may reflect the shortness of his life.
Daniel Hebrew My judge is God There are three Daniels in the Bible:

  1. Daniel the Prophet
  2. The second son of King David and Abigail, also known as Kileab
  3. A leader of the Jews and descendant of Ithamar who returned from Babylon with Ezra
Elijah Hebrew My God is Yahweh There are four Elijahs in the Bible:

  1. Elijah the Prophet
  2. The The son of Jeroham and a clan leader
  3. A man who married and divorced a foreign wife
  4. Another man who married and divorced a foreign wife
Elisha Hebrew My God is Yahweh This is the same name as Elijah.
Enoch Hebrew Dedicated There are two Enochs in the Bible:

  1. The son of Cain
  2. The father of Methusaleh, descendant of Seth, who did not die
Hosea Hebrew Yahweh is salvation Hosea is a Hebrew name, a variant form of Hoshe’a, which was Joshua’s name before Moses changed it.
Jesus 16 Languages Yahweh is salvation Jesus is a transliteration of Iesous, which is a Greek form of the Aramaic Yeshu’a, which is a shortened form of Yehoshu’a. This is the same name as Joshua.
Joshua Hebrew Yahweh is salvation Joshua is the same name as Hosea and Jesus.
Jotham Hebrew Yahweh is perfect There are three Jothams in the Bible:

  1. The king of Judah, son of Uzziah
  2. The son of Caleb and Jahdai
  3. The son of Gideon
Nehemiah Hebrew Yahweh Comforts There are three Nehemiahs in the Bible:

  1. Cupbearer to Artaxerxes, king of Persia. Governor of Judea, son of Hakaliah, for whom the biblical book Nehemiah is named, who led the Israelites back from exile in Babylon
  2. Son of Azbuk, a district governor who helped the exiles rebuild Jerusalem
  3. Another of the exiles returning to Jerusalem
Simeon Hebrew To hear There are three Simeons in the Bible:

  1. The second son of Jacob and Leah and head of one of Israel’s 12 tribes
  2. A devout man who blessed Jesus as a child
  3. Simeon Niger, a prophet and teacher who helped ordain Saul and Barnabas
Simon Greek To hear Simon is the Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Shimon or Simeon. There are nine Simons in the Bible. They are described differently in Scripture, to tell them apart:

  1. Simon Peter, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples
  2. Jesus’ brother
  3. A Pharisee
  4. Simon the Zealot, another of Jesus’ apostles
  5. Simon the Leper, who owned the home where a woman anointed Jesus’ feet
  6. Simon Iscariot, father of Judas Iscariot
  7. Simon the Cyrene, who was forced to carry Jesus’ cross
  8. Simon the Sorcerer
  9. Simon the Tanner

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Jesus in Every Language

Who is Jesus? Was Jesus a real person? Why did Jesus die? Is Jesus God?

While Christianity began in first-century Israel, it quickly spread around the known world. Today, there are approximately 2,180,000,000 Christians living in every country in the world. Around 6,500 languages are spoken in the world today.

One of the most popular articles on GodWords is What Does Jesus Mean?. The article gets a lot of comments requesting the meaning of Bible names, so I thought it was time to begin a list of Jesus’ name in different languages. This list will probably never be complete, but people have been asking for it anyway.

If you speak in languages other than English and have an addition or correction, please send me a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

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Jesus in every language
Language Jesus’ Name
Afrikaans Jesus
Albanian Jezu
Amharic የሱስ
Arabic يسوع
Armenian Հիսուսը
Azerbaijani İsa
Basque Jesus
Belarusian Ісус
Bengali যীশু
Bosnian Isuse
Bulgarian Исус
Catalan Jesus
Cebuano Jesus
Cherokee Tsisa
Chichewa Yesu
Chinese (Simplified) 耶稣
Chinese (Traditional) 耶穌
Corsican Ghjesù
Croatian Isus
Czech Ježíš
Danish Jesus
Dutch Jezus
English Jesus
Esperanto Jesuo
Estonian Jeesus
Filipino Jesus or Hesus
Finnish Jeesus
French Jesus
Frisian Jezus
Galician Xesús
Georgian იესო
German Jesus
Greek Ιησούς
Gujarati ઇસુ
Haitian Creole Jezi
Hausa Yesu
Hawaiian Iesu
Hebrew ישוע
Hindi यीशु
Hmong Yexus
Hungarian Jezus
Icelandic Jesus
Igbo Jesus
Indonesian Yesus
Irish Íosa
Italian Gesù
Japanese イエス
Javanese Gusti Yesus
Kannada ಜೀಸಸ್
Kazakh Иса
Khmer ព្រះយេស៊ូវ
Korean 예수
Kurdish (Kurmanji) Îsa
Kyrgyz Ыйса
Lao ພຣະເຢຊູ
Latin Iesus
Latvian Jezus
Lithuanian Jezus
Luxembourgish Jesus
Macedonian Исус
Malagasy Jesosy
Malay Yesus
Malayalam യേശു
Maltese Ġes
Maori Ihu
Marathi येशू
Mongolian Ecyc
Myanmar y shayu s nyya
Nepali येशू
Norwegian Jesus
Pashto عیسي
Persian عیسی
Polish Jezus
Portuguese Jesus
Punjabi ਯਿਸੂ
Romanian Iisus
Russian Иисус
Samoan Iesu
Scots Gaelic Íosa
Serbian Исусе
Sesotho Jesu
Shona Jesu
Sindhi عيسي
Sinhala යේසුස් වහන්සේ
Slovak Ježíš
Slovenian Jezus
Somali Ciise
Spanish Jesus
Sundanese Yesus
Swahili Jesu
Swedish Jesus
Tajik Исо
Tamil இயேசு கிறிஸ்து (Yesu Christu)
Telugu యేసు
Thai พระเยซู
Turkish Îsa
Ukrainian Ісусе
Urdu یسوع
Uzbek Iso
Vietnamese Chúa Giêsu
Welsh Iesu
Xhosa UYesu
Yoruba Jesu
Zulu UJesu

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Jesus in Every Language

Was Peter’s wife martyred?

Can women be pastors? Is women in ministry okay? Should women be silent in church? Can a women teach a man?

Does the Bible refer to Peter’s wife being martyred?

Anonymous GodWords Reader

The Bible doesn’t mention that Peter’s wife was martyred. After doing a bit of looking, it appears that Clement of Alexandria wrote the following:

They say, accordingly, that the blessed Peter, on seeing his wife led to death, rejoiced on account of her call and conveyance home, and called very encouragingly and comfortingly, addressing her by name, “Remember thou the Lord.” Such was the marriage of the blessed and their perfect disposition towards those dearest to them.

This comes from Clement’s The Stromata, or Miscellanies: Book VII. Tradition, then, rather than Scripture give us this story. If you’d like to read Clement’s words, you can. I wouldn’t bother, to be honest…if you’re curious, it’s interesting. If you’re not that curious, it’s very tedious. =)

Name Changes in the Bible

Is the Bible true? Are Bible translations bad? What language is the Bible?

A lot of people in the Bible had their names changed, or went by more than one name. I appreciate your patience while I compile a comprehensive list of all of them. If you can think of people I’ve missed, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: This list is for name changes, or for people who went by different names. Variant spellings are too common to list, and are not included.

Sort the table: click the title of a column.

Name changes in the Bible
Name Change To By Whom
Abram renamed Abraham God
Azariah renamed Abednego Ashpenaz
Barnabas also known as Joseph The Apostles
Barsabbas also known as Judas  
Bartholomew believed to be Nathanael  
Ben-Oni also known as Benjamin his father Jacob
Boanerges also known as James and John Jesus
Cephas (or Peter) also known as Simon
Daniel renamed Belteshazzar Ashpenaz
Daniel also known as Kileab
Didymus also known as Thomas  
Dorcas also known as Tabitha  
Edom also known as Esau
Eliakim renamed Jehoiakim Pharoah Neco
Esau also known as Edom
Esther also known as Hadassah Persian/Hebrew
Gideon renamed Jerub-Baal the men of Ophrah
Hadassah also known as Esther Hebrew/Persian
Hananiah renamed Shadrach Ashpenaz
Hoshea renamed Joshua Moses
Jacob renamed Israel God
James (Jesus’ disciple) nicknamed Boanerges Jesus
Jedediah also known as Solomon God
Jethro also known as Reuel
John (Jesus’ disciple) nicknamed Boanerges Jesus
John also known as Mark  
Joseph also known as Barnabas The Apostles
Joseph renamed Zaphenath-Paneah Pharoah
Joshua also known as Hoshea Moses
Judas also known as Barsabbas  
Kileab also known as Daniel
Levi also known as Matthew Hebrew/Greek
Lo-Ammi renamed Ammi God
Lo-Ruhamah renamed Ruhamah God
Mark also known as John  
Mattaniah renamed Zedekiah Nebuchadnezzar
Matthew also known as Levi Greek/Hebrew
Merib-Baal also known as Mephibosheth  
Mephibosheth also known as Merib-Baal  
Mishael renamed Meshach Ashpenaz
Naomi renamed Mara herself
Nathanael believed to be Bartholomew  
Niger also known as Simeon
Pashhur called Terror on Every Side God
Paul also known as Saul Latin/Hebrew
Peter also known as Cephas (and Simon)
Reuel also known as Jethro
Sarai renamed Sarah God
Saul also known as Paul Hebrew/Latin
Silas also known as Silvanus
Silvanus also known as Silas
Simeon also known as Niger
Simon renamed Cephas (or Peter) Jesus
Solomon also known as Jedediah God
Tabitha also known as Dorcas  
“the woman” named Eve Adam
Thomas also known as Didymus  

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Jesus’ Geneology

Who is Jesus? Was Jesus a real person? Why did Jesus die? Is Jesus God?

Jesus had one earthly parent and one heavenly parent…and let’s not forget to include Joseph, too.

Jesus’ lineage is listed in Matthew 1 and Luke 3 …but a careful reading of these two passages raises a few questions. Matthew lists names from Abraham to Jesus, while Luke lists names from Jesus back to Adam. The lists are virtually identical between Abraham and David, so I’ve posted only names between David and Jesus, reversing the order of Luke’s list for convenience.

David David
Solomon Nathan
Rehoboam Mattatha
Abijah Menna
Asa Melea
Jehoshaphat Eliakim
Jehoram Jonam
Uzziah Joseph
Jotham Judah
Ahaz Simeon
Hezekiah Levi
Manasseh Matthat
Amon Jorim
Josiah Eliezer
Jeconiah Joshua
Shealtiel Er
Zerubbabel Elmadam
Abiud Cosam
Eliakim Addi
Azor Melki
Zakok Neri
Akim Shealtiel
Eliud Zerubbabel
Eleazar Rhesa
Matthan Joanan
Jacob Joda
Joseph Josech
Jesus Semein

Why do both list Joseph, but show different ancestors? While this has been the subject of some debate, it appears that Luke gives us Mary’s ancestors. To avoid going into great detail, here’s a simple explanation: Luke’s mention of Joseph is parenthetical. Compare:

[Jesus] was the son, so it was thought, of Joseph, the son of Heli…

[Jesus], who was thought the son of Joseph, was the son of Heli…

It appears that Heli was Mary’s ancestor, not Joseph’s. This explanation fits the available facts:
Luke’s writings are known for their accuracy. The Chronicles were available to him, and it seems unlikely that he would make the serious mistake of listing the wrong geneology.
Matthew’s list shows that Jesus had a legal claim to the throne of David, which could reasonably come from a legal parent instead of a physical parent. Luke’s list isn’t concerned with legal lineage, but physical.
The Greek rendering of Joseph’s name grammatically differs from all other names listed, making the parenthetical nature apparent. As Luke wrote about Jesus’ miraculous conception two chapters earlier, it’s unreasonable to conclude that he would list Joseph as Jesus’ physical ancestor.

Biography of Jared

Some facts about Jared:
Son of Mahalalel
Father of Enoch
Technically an ancestor of Jesus Christ [Luke 3:23-38]
Lived 962 years, the second-oldest person in the Bible

Who was Jared?

We know that Jared lived before the Flood, as he was an ancestor of Noah’s. He was an ancestor of Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father. As Luke records it, Jesus “was the son, so it was thought, of Joseph”.

Jared’s Lineage

There is some question about the completeness of the geneological lists in the Old Testament. Genesis 5 mentions Jared’s ancestors in the following order: Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel…but it’s not entirely clear that each was the parent of the one that followed. That may be, or the list may include only notable (or notorious) people. Jared may have been in the 5th generation after Adam, or may have been part of a subsequent generation. While English translations may render the language in a straight-forward manner, ancient Hebrew isn’t that specific. The same word may be used when speaking of a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and so on.