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Simon Peter is perhaps the best-known of Jesus’ first students. The New Testament describes both his passion for following Jesus and his missteps along the way. This former fisherman became, after Jesus’ resurrection, one of the primary leaders in the early church and the author of two books included in the Bible.

Jesus told Peter he would have the keys to the Kingdom, and that he would bind things and loose things. There's a lot of confusion about this binding and loosing, and a lot of opinions. One reason for the many opinions is that Jesus didn't explain exactly what He meant, in terms we can easily understand today. Let's look at Matthew 16:19 to see what happened.

Simon Peter was one of Jesus' first disciples. His given name was Simon, sometimes spelled Symeon. Simon is the English rendering of the Hebrew name Shimon. Shimon comes from the Hebrew word shema.

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One of Jesus' inner circle of 12 men, Simon Peter is both a prominent character in the Bible and the author of two of its books. Some facts about Simon Peter: