Why are So Many Young People Leaving the Church?

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I read a lot about religion stuff, theology stuff, and church stuff. Two of my favorites are J. Warner Wallace (Cold Case Christianity) and Bobby Conway (One Minute Apologist). This video combines the two in a short clip about some of the reasons for young people leaving the church.

I would add to this another reason that young people leave the church: that many churches simply aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do. A friend told me last Sunday that their young adult son doesn’t want to come to church anymore because “it’s not relevant”. Who’s going to argue with that? Either the church is actually addressing issues that matter, or they’re not. While I don’t believe the church’s mission is to meet every need for every attendee, most of the churches I’ve been to in the past 40 years are missing the boat in significant ways. Those churches that seem to understand their mission (as laid out in the New Testament) seem to be larger, growing, and able to retain a larger number of young people.

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