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The word church is a translation of the Greek ekklesia, meaning ones who are called out. Generally speaking, church is usually the word used to describe any local congregation of religious people, or to the organizations that preside over those congregations. In the Bible, ‘the church’ is simply all of the people who follow Jesus Christ.

Finding a good church can be very difficult. Before making recommendations, I'd like to say a few things first. As a churchgoer since age 6, and as former pastor, it seems important to understand WHY some have a hard time finding a church where they feel comfortable. Here are some of the reasons given:

Let's look at Romans 16:7. Greet Andronicus and Junia, my fellow Jews who have been in prison with me. They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was.

I would add to this another reason that young people leave the church: that many churches simply aren't doing what they're supposed to do. A friend told me last Sunday that their young adult son doesn't want to come to church anymore because "it's not relevant". Who's going to argue with that?

Sandra asked: "I heard someone say we are in a culture war. What is a culture war?" That's a good question, Sandra. A "culture war" is when one group's ideas about what society should be like conflicts with another group's ideas about what society should be like.

Elvis asked: "Is it okay for a church to fellowship with other churches and denominations?" Yes, it's totally okay for a church to fellowship with other churches and denominations. The Body of Christ is made of all Christians, everywhere, from all times.

This is a topic that generates a LOT of heat. With strong opinions on all sides, my goal is to avoid replying with the traditions of men (and women), and to stick to Scripture. I'm proud of GodWords readers, because - when you disagree - you generally disagree with class.

I've written before about Heather Veitch, a former stripper helping others get out of pornography. She's still working at it, and lives are being changed by God's power.

Should gay couples appear in your church's pictorial directory? Church leaders are often faced with difficult decisions. In fact, they often have to make critical decisions on a weekly basis. Without taking sides in church politics, I feel for the folks having trouble dealing with this issue.

I ran across this post today, and had to ask myself a tough question or two. I have a tendency to think that God can best be understood by reading His written revelation. That's not accurate, of course. God can best be understood by experiencing Him.

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