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Does the Bible teach that Christians should give 10% of their income to their local church?
Christians are to give generously to those in need as they are led by God. There is nothing in the Bible that tells Christians to tithe.
Didn’t Abraham and Jacob both tithe?
As I’ve written elsewhere, they certainly did. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we should we do the same. The question is whether the Bible teaches that Christians should do as they did. Abraham (Abram) tithed to a human king, while Jacob’s tithe was entirely voluntary. There’s no reason to assume that we should do the same.
What about Malachi 3:8 and robbing God?
Malachi begins with a description of its contents: “The burden of the word of the LORD to Israel by Malachi“. The entire book of Malachi is written in the context of Israel’s unfaithfulness in keeping the old covenant. As we’ve read in Hebrews 8 , the old covenant has been replaced by a new covenant. There’s no logical reason to apply Malachi 3 to Christians.
If people stop tithing, how would churches run without money?
The New Testament shows us how the early church worked: Christians gave – not in tithes, but in freewill offerings. No one was compelled to give, but those who had gave willingly to those who did not. Modern churches should strive to operate in the same way. I’m convinced that a church whose leaders understand and teach what the Bible says will seldom, if ever, have serious financial problems.
Shouldn’t Christians give to their church?
I believe that Christians should give generously to effective ministries. If your local church falls into that category, I recommend that you put some money there.
Do you believe that God blesses someone who gives?
No. I believe that God blesses those who obey Him. Giving is part of that, but giving by itself isn’t necessarily cause for a blessing. A quick reading of Luke 21:1-4 will show that the amount of money that you give is less important than the attitude with which you give it. Giving a billion dollars to your church may not be enough to gain God’s favor, if you do it for the wrong reasons.
You don’t tithe…so how much do you give?
That, of course, is between God and me. I do try to listen to His suggestions.

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