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Many, even non-Christians, believe that God is love. However: only those who believe in the Trinity can substantiate the claim. It’s not arrogance that makes me say that… it’s simple logic.

A basic belief of virtually every religion is that god – either their god or the God of the Bible – is not dependent on His creation for anything. If that’s true, then only the God of the Bible can be said to be truly loving.

You see, other gods – single, solitary entities – could not be said to be loving in character, or in their nature. Why? Because their ability to love would be dependent on the existence of other beings… they would have nobody to love until after they created other beings!

The God of the Bible, however, is three persons in one being. They’re known as the Trinity. Because Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not a single, solitary entity, they have loved one another eternally. Their ability to love is not dependent on us.

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