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What is apologetics? Is it good for only Christians, or is it also helpful for non-Christians? Is anyone actually born again as a result of apologetic arguments? Should we bother with it at all?

These are good questions. Of course, I’m biased. GodWords is really all about apologetics. Most of the articles here are actual responses to actual questions, whether from Christians or non-Christians… and my goal in answer those questions is to make the case that Christianity is true and good.

That’s what apologetics is: ‘making the case.’

Learn to make the case

In my opinion, apologetics is an essential part of being a follower of Jesus. To explain why I think that, I only need a few sentences. We’re to share the gospel and make disciples, right? To do that, we need to understand the gospel well enough to explain it to others, and to give them reasons to believe that it’s true. That, in a nutshell, is apologetics.

In this article, Dr. Richard Land responds to an article by a former evangelical who claims that apologetics is only useful for those who are already saved. I disagree, and so does Land. I heartily recommend this article to you in full, and want to encourage you to seek out quality Christian apologists so you can better understand Christianity… both for your own maturity – which is very important – and for the salvation of those with whom you have influence.

Dr. Land explains the different approaches to apologetics and why different approaches work best in different situations. If you’d like to explore this further, I’m here to help.

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