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Spiritual Swashbuckling – Dealing with Demons

HomeOutlinksSpiritual Swashbuckling – Dealing with Demons

As with so many things, confusion abounds about demons. What does the Bible actually say? How are followers of Jesus to think about interacting with demons? How can we avoid falling into superstitious nonsense and – more important – how can we avoid unbiblical ideas about demons?

Clint Archer explains. Unsurprisingly, much of his research found that the internet is full of supposed experts who are not actually experts at all. Trying to find objective information about demons led him to conclude that the Bible is truly our only reliable source, and that we should stick closely to what the Bible does – and does not – say.

I decided that I would ferret out every verse in the Bible on spiritual warfare and demonic activity. If the spirit dimension was real and demons were still at large today, I wanted to be well informed of their operations. And if all the demons mentioned in the Bible were now in some sort of hibernation, I wanted to be biblically certain of that.

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