Articles about Angels and Demons

Angels and demons are spiritual beings created by God. “Angel” comes from the Greek word for messenger. Demon are believed to be fallen angels, committed to doing harm and opposing God’s plan to prosper humanity.

The Bible speaks regularly about demons, and about the healing of physical illnesses. Sometimes, both are included in the same verse. Some conclude that demons cause illnesses, and that casting out the demons will heal the illnesses. Is this true?
As with so many things, confusion abounds about demons. What does the Bible actually say? How are followers of Jesus to think about interacting with demons? How can we avoid falling into superstitious nonsense and - more important - how can we avoid unbiblical ideas about demons?

What are angels? How does the Bible describe the different kinds of angels, and what they do on God's behalf? What do other religions say about angels? A good overview.

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