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There’s a hot new video making the rounds. It’s called Richard Dawkins – Beware the Believers, and it’s very clever.

It’s so clever, in fact, that most people haven’t been able to figure out whether it’s poking fun at Darwinist materialists or Biblical creationists.

Based on the many comments, this video might be too subtle for regular folks. When one commenter says something about it being “pro-intelligent-design”, another loudly proclaims that Christians couldn’t possibly be so funny…so it must be pro-Darwin.

What do you think? Watch it here and let the world know whether you think the video takes sides…and which side it takes.

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2 responses to “Richard Dawkins – Beware the Believers”

  1. marybeth fischer says:

    This is hysterically funning! But they’re trying to say that God didn’t create Man did. (money is the love, not God) Am I correct?

    • Tony says:

      The general idea is that Richard Dawkins represents typical Darwinist atheists, who believe that God doesn’t exist, and that evolution can explain where all life comes from. The Dawkins character (and his crew) is saying that religious people are stupid, that atheists are much smarter, and that no disagreement will be allowed.

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