Relationships in the Bible

The Bible lists lots of people as “so-and-so, son (or daughter) of somebody else”. Sons are in blue, daughters in pink. Other family relationships are also noted in grey. I appreciate your patience while I compile a comprehensive list of everyone in the Bible. If you have suggestions for the list, please send them using the form at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Son Daughter Other

Name Relationship With whom
Abraham (also Abram) son of Terah
Abram (also Abraham) son of Terah
Ahaziah son of Athaliah
Ammi son of Hosea and Gomer
Arphaxad son of Shem
Boaz husband of ^ Ruth
Eliakim (also Jehoiakim) son of Josiah and Zebidah
Elimelech husband of ^ Naomi
Gideon son of Joash
Gomer daughter of Diblaim
Hosea son of Beeri
Isaac son of Abraham
Jacob son of Isaac
Jehoahaz son of Josiah and Hamutal
Jehoiachin son of Jehoiakim and Nehushta
Jehoiakim (also Eliakim) son of Josiah and Zebidah
Jehonadab son of Recab
Jehosheba daughter of Jehoram
sister of Ahaziah
Jeroboam son of Jehoash
Jeroboam son of ^ Nebat and Zeruah
Jerub-Baal (also Gideon) son of Joash
Jezreel son of Hosea and Gomer
Joash son of Ahaziah
Lo-Ammi son of Hosea and Gomer
Lo-Ruhamah son of Hosea and Gomer
Mattaniah brother of Jehoiakim
uncle of Jehoiachin
Naomi widow of ^ Elimelech
Nehushta daughter of Elnathan
Obed son of ^ Ruth and Boaz
Ruhamah daughter of Hosea and Gomer
Rezon son of ^ Eliada
Ruth widow of ^ Mahlon
wife of ^ Boaz
daughter-in-law of ^ Naomi
Shallum son of Tikvah
husband of Huldah
Shelah son of Arphaxad
Simon (also Simon Peter) son of ^ Jonah
Tibni son of ^ Ginath
Tikvah son of Harhas
Zebidah daughter of Pedaiah

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