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Though most web users might not know it, most pornographers love Christians. Our naiveté allows them to make a lot of money.

What do I mean? Here’s one example: let’s say that Bob’s startup internet ministry,, isn’t working very well. He’s getting some traffic to his site, but he decides to do something else for God. What does he do with his domain name? He lets it expire, of course…he doesn’t need it anymore.

Bill is a pornographer looking to make a living. He looks for expired domains to buy and redirects that traffic to one of his pay-for-porn websites. Now, when all of Bob’s faithful readers expect to see another article from him about God’s goodness, they see instead a website advertising a video of Britney’s goodies.

In this way, unwitting Christians make it easy for guys like Bill to make a lot of extra money. The porn industry regularly snatches up expired religious domains…I’m told that many prefer religious domains, as many pornographers are strongly anti-religious. They think it’s very funny.

The newest of these kinds of trickery has been to create “Christian” websites that simply use believers for their money, purporting to espouse the kind of values that Christians prefer. If you go to, you’ll see an online dating website. Nothing really questionable there…except that it’s based on a lie:…devotes itself completely to Christians and the Christian faith

Yeah, right. Clicking on the Management Team link takes you directly to the Penthouse website, so they’re not exactly hiding the truth very effectively…they’re just saying something they don’t believe. They’re devoted, I’m sure, to helping Christians find dates. I have serious reservations about them being devoted to any part of the Christian faith.

I’m not the boycotting type, but if I were looking for a date or a mate, I wouldn’t give Penthouse any of my money to get it done.

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