Don’t talk about making disciples. Make disciples.

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Francis Chan takes less than two minutes to put us back on track. How many times have we believed that memorizing a Bible verse was as important as obeying it? I’m certainly not a great example of what Chan is talking about, but it’s my goal to do better.

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2 responses to “Don’t talk about making disciples. Make disciples.”

  1. Trusty says:

    And after encouraging others to “go and make diciples”, how can christians be inneractive in a group of folks where no one participates? They just all passively listen.
    It can be so frustrating to only find churches or home study that focus on the “one man teacher” value.
    In last night bible group it was divided as to how to ask someone ” are you a christian”?
    Yipes have we devolved to word games?

    Living and growing, Trusty

    • Tony says:


      I feel your pain. I really do. I’ve spent my whole in church, and have found that it’s the best and worst place in the world. We have great potential, but we don’t exploit that potential to help other people. We’re afraid of hard questions, we’re afraid of being transparent, and we’re afraid of disagreement.

      I have two suggestions:

      1. If your church stinks, try to change it. If they won’t change, leave…find a church that you believe can actually make a dent in your community.
      2. Leadership matters. Look for leaders who are committed to following Jesus, even if it’s difficult. I can’t overstate this point…the leaders in a church will determine the atmosphere, the attitude, and the direction of the congregation. Where a leader doesn’t know what he’s doing, the church will wander. Where a leader is confidently going in the wrong direction, the church will get in line behind them. Where a leader is a committed Jesus-follower, the church will also order their priorities in that way. Clearly I’m generalizing here…in each case, some will leave in frustration that things aren’t going their way. In general, however, it’s the leadership of the church who determine what will happen there. If you believe they can be swayed, sway them. If they can’t, search diligently for a leader that you can follow to the foot of the cross and beyond.

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