Articles about Discipleship

A disciple (mathetes) is a student, or a learner. Jesus Christ gathered many disciples, traveling for several years with 12 men. He taught them personally, and they passed on his teachings to others. Each Christian is to be considered a disciple of Jesus.

If you ask a bunch of people how they came to faith in Jesus, you'll hear a bunch of different stories. No two explanations are exactly alike. Still, it's helpful to understand what all of those stories might have in common.

Francis Chan takes less than two minutes to put us back on track. How many times have we believed that memorizing a Bible verse was as important as obeying it? I'm certainly not a great example of what Chan is talking about, but it's my goal to do better.

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is not only to embrace the One who is Truth, but to love - infinitely, as He loves - those who despise the Truth as well.

Jesus traveled with 12 men throughout His three-year ministry. Here's a list of the original twelve, and the one who replaced Judas Iscariot. Jesus' Disciples: Simon Peter (Cephas), Andrew, James...

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