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Some of you remember Chris Sligh’s time on American Idol. Actually, a whole bunch you probably remember it. It is, after all, the biggest thing on TV. If you’re not familiar with Chris, you can see his audition video below.

After placing 10th on the show, Chris carried on. You can pre-order his new CD Running Back to You at his website. Here’s what one reviewer said about his album:

It was amazing…it is truly one of the most complete Christian projects I have ever heard. It actually reminds me of the debut from Casting Crowns. Every single song could be a huge hit and if early reaction to ‘Empty Me’ is any indication, several of them will!

High praise indeed! I consider Casting Crowns’ debut album to be one of the best Christian albums of the past 20 years…so you can bet I’ll be buying Chris’ debut as well.

Ready to hear some more? Visit Chris’ MySpace site…then sit back and enjoy.

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