Bible People: Where Were They From?

The Bible lists lots of people as “so-and-so, from someplace”. I appreciate your patience while I compile a comprehensive list of all of them. If you have suggestions of people to add to the list, please send it using the form at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Name Location
Andrew was from Bethsaida
Cephas (Simon, Peter) was from Bethsaida
Jesus was from Nazareth
Hamutal was from Libnah
Jeroboam was from Zeredah
Nehushta was from Jerusalem
Peter (Cephas, Simon) was from Bethsaida
Philip was from Bethsaida
Saul was from Tarsus
Simon (Cephas, Peter) was from Bethsaida
Zebidah was from Rumah

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