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GodWords has always had a significant amount of engagement. Some are surprised when I reply to their emails, because they don’t expect a real person on the other end to take the time to chat with them one-on-one. While there may come a day when I can’t reply to every email and comment, that day hasn’t come yet.

One of the most important parts of what I do here at GodWords is that I try to model good rules for engagement. I don’t usually take personal attacks personally. I make sure to never attack a person while I disagree with their ideas. I try to make sure I understand something before I write or comment about it, and I try to stay quiet on issues where I’m clearly ignorant.

I also work hard to make sure that I’m not answering a person’s questions. That seems backward, but I got some great advice: answer the person, not the question. GodWords isn’t simply about being right. It’s about changing hearts and minds, which means I try to see each person AS a person.

This helpful article lays out seven rules that all Christians should be aware of, and should practice when engaging with believers and non-believers alike. These rules aren’t weak, they’re very strong. Christianity is a muscular faith, able to do great work because it’s based in reality. Our goal should be to unflinchingly point to reality in order to encourage others to seek truth.

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