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Why didn’t God create us to automatically be righteous?

HomeChristianity and the BibleWhy didn’t God create us to automatically be righteous?

Why couldn’t [God] have created mankind with free will that also chose to love him and were righteous from the get go?

Anonymous GodWords Reader

An interesting question, to be sure. The answer is in the question itself: free will.

The alternative to having free will is to NOT be FREE. Were God to create people who would automatically choose to love Him, those people would not be – and never could be – free. It’s like asking why God didn’t make circles with corners…if it’s got corners, it CAN’T be a circle. In the same way, making us an offer we can’t refuse is exactly the same as not making an offer at all. We’re either free to decide – and live with the consequences – or we’re not free at all.

I understand her frustration. This is a sick and broken world, filled with hurting and dying people. Our ache for relief from this suffering goes unanswered, and it’s probably the most difficult part of life. We want things to be different, so we blame the One who set it up…it’s perfectly understandable.

At the same time, free will is the key to it all. If we’re not free, then our decisions have no value at all. If we’re free, we get the bad with the good. God will make all things right, at the perfect time, in the perfect way…or He’s not God at all. I read recently that, in the end, “all sad things will become untrue“. I like that. It offers comfort to we who suffer, acknowledges God’s promises, and looks ahead to when our wounds will finally be healed.

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2 responses to “Why didn’t God create us to automatically be righteous?”

  1. Jenny says:

    I would pick no freedom at least u don’t have to worry about burning in pit of fire for rest of afterlife . An worry if u believe enough are doing things right . It’s scary ( even more scary when your read revelations )

    • Tony says:


      Believe it or not, biblical Christianity isn’t described as being worried about “believing enough” or even about doing things just right. It’s about whom you choose to serve. If you’ve surrendered your life to God, you have no reason to fear Him.

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