Who’s eating the Last Supper?

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Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper was painted to show the reaction of each apostle after Jesus said that one of them would betray him. The men in the painting were identified using the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, which were found in the 1800’s. From left to right, counting by the head of each man, here are the names of the disciples:

Some have claimed that John isn’t John…that Leonardo actually painted a woman there, and that the woman is Mary Magdalene. This certainly isn’t the case, based on da Vinci’s notes.

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3 responses to “Who’s eating the Last Supper?”

  1. Paikne says:

    Who among this portrait is the one to eventually become Satan or The Devil…? Anyone know?

    • Annonomous says:

      There is no one among the portrait

    • Tony says:


      Nobody in the painting actually becomes Satan. The word “satan” simply means “adversary.” Judas Iscariot became Jesus’ adversary after deciding to betray Him. He is the 4th man from the left, whose head is lower than the others’. He has dark hard and is clutching a bag of money, and is also tipping over the salt on the table…a symbol of betrayal.

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