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Every once in a while I hear a Christian say that they’re “not into theology”. They say that they “just love Jesus”. Even one of my pastors told me that he took theology classes only so that he could be ordained.

Sometimes these kinds of statements depress me. It’s not surprising that the average American Christian is considered Biblically illiterate when even our leaders avoid theological education. I’d like to do my small part in helping to change this trend…so I’ll explain what theology is:

What is theology? Jesus is theology.

Theology means words about God. THEOS = God, LOGOS = word or words. Every time we think about God or write about God or talk about God, we’re ‘doing theology’. There…I did it again. Christians have no way of living their everyday lives without doing theology! Even non-believers, when talking or thinking or writing about God, are being theological.

We all do theology, even if we don’t realize it. The beginning of John’s Gospel tells us that Jesus is the LOGOS . He’s THE Word of God. Technically, Jesus IS theology.

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