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What Do You Think of Catholics?

HomeChristianity and the BibleWhat Do You Think of Catholics?

That’s what we call ‘a loaded question’!

  1. I find that Catholics are usually very much like other people. =)
  2. I consider many Catholics my brothers and sisters in Christ despite their theological position that a non-Catholic probably isn’t a Christian.
  3. I consider many Catholics either misinformed or misled about the nature of God, Jesus, salvation, and the Bible.

How’s that? I suppose that’s as short as I can make a reply. Like many other religious folks, I think that Catholics can run the spectrum of belief from ‘orthodoxy’ to ‘cultic’. If you want to talk about specific Catholic doctrines, I’d love to. I have some serious problems with a few and consider many (if not most) to be in harmony with what we find in Scripture.

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