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I have heard that Cain and Abel were twins. If this is true, how would I find this in the bible? Thank you.


That’s an interesting question. The Bible doesn’t specifically say either way. Cain was born first, and Abel after…but Genesis 4:1-2 doesn’t tell us how long after: Adam made love to his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, “With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.” Later she gave birth to his brother Abel.

The Hebrew word used in the text is YACAPH, which has more than one meaning. One meaning is ‘to do again’ and another is ‘to add’. It could be that Abel was born in a separate pregnancy, or that the one pregnancy had two births. Without more information from Scripture (which we don’t have), we simply don’t know.

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10 responses to “Were Cain and Abel Twins?”

  1. Doretha says:

    Cain and Abel really twins?

    • Loren Sanders says:

      Nothing in the Bible shows Cain & Abel as being twins, only that they were first children of our original parents. If they were twins, then it that fact must have been meaningless, or else scripture would point it out and tell us why we needed to know that they were twins.

      The wording in the text allows enough ambiguity for folks to twist a verse or three into meaning what they desire it to, and that is exactly what has been done by people who believe, follow, the heresy of “Serpent Seed Theology” mostly attirbuted to William Branham back in the 1940’s, who falsely taught that the serpent had sex with Eve and she gave birth to (the first hybrid) Cain, and then she has sex with Adam and gave birth to the pure human Abel. This nonsense is then used to create more heresies than we can get into here, but at the root they teach that Abel was Adam’s son, and Cain was Satan’s son, and we have had to deal with two “races” on Earth since.

      God’s Word states explicitly:
      Genesis 4:1 – Now the man (ADAM) had relations (SEX) with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to CAIN, and she said, “I have gotten a manchild WITH THE HELP OF THE LORD.” — Adam was Cain’s father, and Eve glorified God for it.
      Genesis 4:2 – AGAIN, SHE GAVE BIRTH to his brother ABEL. And Abel was a keeper of flocks, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. — While many have used alternating forms of the word “again” to imply that it was all one birth (I.E. – Twins), the most natural and obvious is that it was two separate pregnancies.

      But once more, IF they were twins, it was unimportant, and scripture left it out – and let’s be frank, IF Cain had been Satan’s own physical seed (and Abel Adam’s) it would be a big enough deal, with big enough implications that scripture would have told us.

  2. Tony says:

    Did you read the article, Doretha? I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.

  3. Clarence Jenkins says:

    Ok, why is it stated in NT that states Cain’s father is father of lies, but even more so why is there two seperate genelogies listed? Knowing that if Cain and Abel have same bloodline one ancestry list would suffice. I think they were paternal twins with 2 different sacs conceived at the same time and did have sex!

    • Tony says:


      The New Testament does not state that Cain’s father is the father of lies. If it did, however, it would not be literal. Jesus said that the Pharisees belonged to their ‘father,’ the devil. Do you believe that these Jews were also the result of sexual unions between Satan and human women? And what two genealogies are you talking about?

      I would encourage you to not believe this kind of stuff without evidence. Present the evidence and let’s see if it holds water.

  4. Daniel Oliver says:

    Books of Enoch and adam and eve explain this. But the church roved them to keep us wondering.

    • Tony says:



      First, Enoch was written long before Jesus’ birth, and it was never considered inspired by the Israelites. In other words, it wasn’t “removed” at all. It simply was never included in the first place.

      Second, what you call Adam and Eve is also known as Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan or, less popularly, The Contradiction of Adam and Eve. Like Enoch, it seems to have been written well before Jesus’ birth. Like Enoch, it was never considered authoritative or canonical.

      Finally, if you want to claim that “the church” removed them to keep us wondering, you’re going to need to provide some evidence. Do you have any? Keep in mind that evidence can’t be missing or secret… for YOU to know it, others must have access to the same evidence. Otherwise, it’s your conspiracy theory versus all of recorded history.

      Got any evidence? I’m listening.

  5. Aaron Heath says:

    Where Cain wife come from

    • Tony says:


      Cain’s wife, like everybody else on earth, came from Adam and Eve and their other children. She was most likely a sister or a niece. Why do you ask?

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