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Articles about The Church

The Greek word in the New Testament that we translate as “church” means “the assembly,” or “those who are called out.” We have been called out of our old lives to new life in Christ, called out of the world into God’s Kingdom, and called out of ordinary lives into extraordinary lives. As the Holy Spirit guides us, we will do even greater things than Jesus did.

It seems like there's a new scandal in the American church every week. We tend to dismiss them as anomalies... good leaders who blew it. What if these moral failures, which seem to be more common than we'd like to admit, are actually baked-in results of the recipes we're using to grow churches, rather than growing God's Kingdom?
Most of us know someone who used to go to church, but then gave up and stayed home. Here are some of their reasons, gathered over 20 years. Note that most have no connection to whether Christianity is true.

In today's America, there's a lot of talk about the kinds of things that threaten the well-being of the church. At the forefront, for many, is the idea that tyranny is our most significant worry. This article suggests another foe.

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