Articles about Sexuality

There may be no more compelling and relevant topic in the minds of the unsaved than issues surrounding sexuality. The Bible clearly expresses God’s intentions for our sexual ethics, but many have allowed cultural pressures to crowd out God’s words. If we are to make headway in addressing the lies of popular culture, we must be aware of the importance of these issues for the spiritually lost. At all times, put on love.

We all want things we should not want. Each of us has to struggle with the decision either to indulge unhealthy desires or to obey God. However, not every struggle carries the same weight. Rachel Gilson's struggle was about relationships: oneness, love, sex, and romance… and faithfulness.

Popular culture often tells us that sex is really important, but who you have sex with is irrelevant. Culture also tells us that sex is only a physical act, and that relationship commitments are largely irrelevant. How does that work out in real life?

Critics of Christianity often claim that efforts toward sexual purity are futile… that fulfilling our sexual desires are paramount to our humanity. Can one be both same-sex attracted and a faithful follower of Jesus?

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