Articles about Seventh-Day Adventists

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is hard to define. They claim to be Christian, and many of their beliefs are historically orthodox. They believe the Bible to be infallible, they teach the biblical doctrine of the trinity, and so on. Unfortunately, many Adventists rely as much on the (very fallible) writings of founder Ellen G. White, and they often tend toward legalism… the idea that salvation is dependent in part on good works. Many are obsessed with studies about the end times, to the exclusion of other parts of the Bible.

It's okay for Christians to eat pork. Why wouldn't it be okay? Some suggest that because the ancient Israelites were forbidden by God to eat pork, Christians are to avoid pork as well. That this is nonsense should be obvious to everyone, as Christians are not Israelites. Unfortunately, many preachers and teachers are teaching nonsense.

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