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Jimmy Wallace is a police investigator and apologist, hosting podcasts and videos. He is also son to well-known investigator, author, and apologist J. Warner Wallace.

Is the Bible in your hand (or on your shelf, or on your phone) inerrant? What would that mean? Can we trust that the Bible we have is the same Bible originally written? Jimmy Wallace explains what inerrancy means, and what it doesn't mean. Video, 9:54
The Bible explains that we have all been created in God's image, but that His image in us has been damaged by sin. This seems evident when we look at the world around us. Some, however, find it offensive to hear that they are sinners.

In my experience, most Christians would agree that they're not really sure how to interpret the Bible. This is a crucial issue for the Kingdom of God. If followers of Jesus can't understand the Bible, who can? Biblical literacy begins with simply reading the text, and biblical understanding comes from reading it properly.

Virtually everyone agrees that human life has value. Christians believe that we are valuable because we are valued by God, and created in His image. If God doesn’t exist, we can’t show that we have value.

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